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Financial benefits - summary

Membership of TSSA entitles you to a wealth of financial benefits. Here is a summary of them:

  • Legal advice and assistance in connection with matters appertaining to the member’s employment or to members and those in their immediate
    family in respect of any personal injury.
  • In the event of victimisation, an appropriate lump sum or weekly payments up to the value of the member’s earnings.
  • Dispute pay to members and their children during any authorised
    stoppage of work.
  • Convalescence Benefit of £12.75 per week during absence from home after serious illness subject to 26 weeks’ membership. Maximum benefit payable in two years – £76.50.
  • Death or Disablement Benefit of £500. Half benefit given on death of member’s husband or wife.
  • Accident Benefit of £1,000 in the event of death resulting from accident while on duty. See below for more about Accident benefits for members on union business.
  • Retirement Benefit, according to period of continuous membership in the Association, where a member leaves the service with a minimum of two years’ membership, as per Rule 37.
  • Grants from the Benevolent Fund may be made in cases of exceptional
    distress not covered by other Rules.

Part-time workers employed for less than 26 hours per week may pay subscriptions at not less than one half of the standard rate and be entitled to reduced rates of benefit.

Note: For income tax purposes an allowance of £2 per annum may be claimed in respect of TSSA subscriptions.

Accidents to members on union business

The following benefits will be payable in respect of any TSSA member sustaining bodily injury as the result of any work or matter concerning or arising from the general work and objects of TSSA or while travelling to and from their usual place of residence or elsewhere in connection therewith. All will be payable as a result of accidental, violent and external causes.


  • Death: £2,000 lump sum
  • Loss of hands, or feet or eyes, or of one hand or foot and one eye, or of one
  • hand and one foot: .£2,000 lump sum
  • Loss of one hand, or foot, or eye: £1,000 lump sum
  • Total disablement: £40 per week, limited to 52 weeks

These benefits will be additional to those payable by TSSA in accordance with the Rules, and will not be affected by any individual insurance members have taken or may take out.