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Better Rail Convention 2014 

On Saturday 4th October, TSSA is holding our biennial Better Rail Convention. This is when TSSA members throughout the rail sector get together and determine what we need to do to make a better railway in the next two years.

Register on:

The event will take place between 9:30am and 5pm at The Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ (around the corner from TSSA Walkden House). Lunch will be provided.

Workplace notice & Flyer:   Better Rail Convention Flyer 2014

We have one last chance to campaign for a better railway in the lead up to the General Election in May 2015 and will explore how we can engage with others in our workplaces, in our communities and with passengers. We will also revisit our Better Jobs agenda and how we can bargain for standards across our industry that will make a better railway for our members now and in the future. It is essential that your company is represented at the convention.

The format of the day promises to be exciting with plenty of opportunity to learn new skills, discuss potential campaigns as well as hear from prominent MPs and guest speakers . We will be providing training to all those who attend, this will help all TSSA members to organise within your communities, with your knowledge of the local communities near to your work place and to your home.

There are a limited number of places to the convention, but we want to ensure as many groups and communities within TSSA are represented as possible. To request a place at the convention, please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire and we will confirm your registration as soon as possible.

Register for the event on:

For more information please contact Ricky Jones


Please keep checking our website for updates on actions.

September 5th –  Network Rail members take industrial action. Check out our Network Rail Company page for more information.

October 18th – Britain Needs a Payrise! TSSA members join the TUC march and rally. Register on 

If you have an action or activity that you would like included in our action newsletter and calendar, please contact Nadine Rae, National Organiser

Anyone can get active in Better Rail

We need to keep the pressure up to keep East Coast under public ownership, fight station staff cuts and fare increases to make sure rail is affordable and accessible to all. You and your workmates can help.

Pledge your action at If you want to get involved in an action, contact Nadine Rae, National Organiser

What can your workplace/Branch do to help? Take 3 easy steps

1. Decide what you want to do as an action

2. Choose a week to do your action

3. Tell us so we can send you an action pack and determine how we can support you to be successful in your action.

Better Rail Workplace Posters

Better Rail sign web image Were fighting  No Workplace Noticeboard is complete without a Better Rail poster! If you need more, download from the following options:

  Better Rail Poster Fighting for Better Railway  Better Rail Poster Cutting Staff  Better Rail Poster Standing Up  Better Rail Poster Concerned Passenger  Better Rail Poster Logo Red  Better Rail Poster Logo White  Better Rail Poster Blank

If you have an idea for a Better Rail poster slogan, email Nadine on


Get active in our fight for a better railway!

The union is as strong as its members are willing to get active - that means we need you! Your TOC National Council have put together a range of campaign activities so that everyone can get involved in the fight for a better railway.

There are many ways you can get involved in our campaign. Here are a few of the campaign activities you can get active in now:

  • Come to a TSSA training
  • Ask your workmates to come to a TSSA meeting
  • Sign up to Keep East Coast public on
  • Tweet your thoughts on fare increases to #farefail
  • Form a Local Action Group, a team of your workmates, friends, family, who want to get active in our campaign activities
  • Meet with your local MP and councillors
  • Write to your local newspaper
  • Hold a community meeting to discuss transport issues in your local area

If you want to get involved but are not sure how or need some support, contact for more details.


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What will make a better railway...

- A Quality Public Service that is publically owned and accountable with better stations, quality infrastructure and is integrated with other means of transport

- Better jobs, decent work, career opportunities

- A highly skilled workforce

- Safe to work, safe to travel

- Community has a voice and can shape the system

- Fares that are affordable and a railway that is cost effective – value for money

- Technology that improves the travel experience but is not an alternative to decent work or a quality public service

- Environmentally friendly transport

Tell us what you think will make a better railway:

Log your workplace issues

Many of the issues you face are the same as with other TOCs. Let us know directly what you think your top issues are. Log your issues online at: