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Network Rail Fair & Equal Pay Campaign

TSSA is committed to securing fair and equal pay for all management grade staff working for Network Rail. The Company has so far refused to enter into meaningful discussions on a fair and transparent new pay and grading structure. Meanwhile, our survey data shows massive pay differences between staff in the same jobs, and a significant gender pay gap. This cannot continue. During the next phase of the Campaign we will be increasing the pressure on Network Rail through the use of grievances and Employment Tribunal claims where necessary.

Within the management grades at Network Rail we believe there is an average gender pay gap of £4,500 (for many women the gap will be significantly higher than the average). Much of this gap appears to be due to the arbitrary nature of the pay structure (i.e. women tend to get paid less for doing the same job). However, it is not the case that all women are low paid and all men are highly paid. It’s an inevitable consequence of a pay and grading structure that ticks all the wrong boxes for fairness and equality. Indeed, the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) lists a number of warning characteristics that Network Rail’s structure has: 

EHRC Fairness & Equality Warning Characteristic

NR Role Clarity Scheme

Lack of transparency in grading and pay


Discretionary pay systems (such as performance-related pay)


Long pay scales (such as those with more than 10% from the minimum to the maximum of each scale)


Overlapping pay scales or ranges


Managerial discretion over starting salaries


Job evaluation system not up to date


Market-based pay systems



It’s hardly a surprise that the largest pay gap we have identified between two people doing the same job so far is £31,000! TSSA believes that all employers should strive to achieve fair pay and gender pay parity on ethical and moral grounds, guaranteeing a fair reward for the particular individual fulfilling their contractual role.

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Further Information

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