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TSSA is an independent, UK-based trade union for the transport and travel trade industries. We have 30,000 members in the UK and Ireland, working for the railways and associated companies.

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Latest News

  1. Rail pensioners warned not to gamble with Salmond

    16 September 2014

    Scotland's 15,000 rail pensioners were warned today against gambling their index linked pensions on a "Yes" vote on Thursday.

  2. Letter to Alex Salmond: Occupational Pensions in an Independent Scotland

    15 September 2014

    TSSA asks Scotland's First Minister to clarify important uncertainties about how occupational pension schemes - notably the multi-billion pound Railway Pension Scheme - would be impacted by becoming subject to strict EU rules on the funding of cross border schemes.

  3. Big profits at East Coast show success of public ownership

    9 September 2014

    TSSA has hailed another strong set of financial results from Directly Operated Railways, the public sector company which runs East Coast. A further £217 million will be returned to taxpayers and can be re-invested in the railways, rather than being lost to shareholders as with other rail firms.

  4. ATW: HQ Clerical and Management grades 2014 Pay Referendum

    8 September 2014

    Circular, detailing the final pay offer for recommendation to TSSA members and opportunity for you to vote in an online referendum.

  5. More than half of trains run late on key lines

    8 September 2014

    More than half of all trains on key lines ran late in the last year, figures from the TSSA revealed today.

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