Women Boilermakers on a demonstration holding a banner which says 'building our union'

The Boilermakers union merger FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our proposed merger with the Boilermakers union

FAQs - proposed merger with the Boilermakers union

A:  You will still have the same structure of workplace reps as before, elected in the same way, and our Helpdesk, legal and other support will remain unchanged – if anything, it will be enhanced with our ability to recruit more paid staff. Your reps will have access to better training and support. We will be able to fill our existing staff vacancies, as well as recruit 11 new Organisers and your reps will have access to the Boilermakers’ training programme in addition to our “Going Beyond” training.

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TSSA-Boilermakers merger

TSSA is in talks with the Boilermakers union for a proposed merger. Find out more about this golden opportunity to ensure our TSSA union flourishes, no matter what’s thrown our way.

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