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Inclusive Rail


Inclusive Rail is TSSA's campaign to make the railway inclusive of LGBT+ people by 2025. We will engage with individuals and groups who want to be part of making a difference, through collaboration and workplace leadership.

Our campaign includes the following elements and will grow as we work with others to make the railway LGBT+ inclusive.


People are asked to pledge to not stand by and watch bullying or harassing behaviours, but to take appropriate action. Get our campaign pack here:

TSSA Equality Bargaining Standard: LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces

TSSA have launched their LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces Equality Bargaining Standard in 2018. Download it here   Inclusive Workplaces Bargaining Standard

Role Model Posters

Our poster campaign features TSSA members and staff who are LGBT+ and proud. These posters are designed to break down stereotypes of LGBT+ and acknowledge and celebrate disversity within the rail industry. You can order your set of posters to put up on your union or team noticeboard here: 

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See our posters using the link below, but if you want to print them please note these are low resolution quality. If you want glossy poster versions in high resolution please order a set of A4 posters. If you want to order or request permission to print bulk copies or larger sizes, please email Nadine Rae

Working Together

To succeed we need to work together. We will work with Stonewall and other LGBT+ organisations and passenger groups to enhance our LGBT+ community's passenger experience.

Get involved today

For more information about the Inclusive Rail campaign, please contact Nadine Rae, Organising Director

For more information about TSSA's LGBT+ Network or how to become an Ally, please contact us here: