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LGBT+ Role Model Posters

We have developed posters of TSSA LGBT+ role models to be distributed and put up in workplaces. These posters are designed to break down the stereotypes and to show the great LGBT+ professionals that are part of TSSA and the backbone of the rail industry.

Each role model has a 'Challenge' poster, which challenges stereotypes, and a 'Proud' poster, which is about being out and being part of TSSA. 


Role Model Poster Cherise ChallengeRole Model Poster Cherise Proud

Role Model Poster Aneurin ChallengeRole Model Poster Aneurin Proud

Role Model Poster Tamara ChallengeRole Model Poster Tamara Proud

Role Model Poster Sam ChallengeRole Model Poster Sam Proud

Role Model Poster Nadine ChallengeRole Model Poster Nadine Proud

Role Model Poster Mitchell ChallengeRole Model Poster Mitchell Proud

To order your set of A4 posters complete the form below. If you want to print posters yourself or want larger posters, please contact Nadine Rae

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