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LGBT+ History Month 2020

 Welcome to LGBT+ History Month 2020

It's LGBT+ History month and now is a perfect time to get involved in the Inclusive Rail campaign.

Five minutes, one simple action 

One simple thing you can do is to use pronouns in your email signature. Find out more on this page here

Get visible

If you have been considering becoming active in this campaign but just don’t know where to start, this page explains some of the Inclusive Rail campaign materials that can be used to inspire and develop your activism.

It would be fantastic to start 2020 strong by having notice boards updated across the UK to highlight the importance of LGBT+ visibility, celebrate important figures from history and acknowledge important milestones for the LGBT+ community. 

Inclusive Rail Campaigning Materials

TSSA's Inclusive Rail campaign aim is to make the railway LGBT+ Inclusive by 2025. We want to do this through visibility of the campaign and our LGBT+ role models, engaging employers with our bargaining standards and by asking our members what they think needs to change to make the railway truly LGBT+ inclusive by 2025.

The materials below are designed to create discussion opportunities with your colleagues and with your employer, they help to build the strength of the campaign and to support positive change.

LGBT+ Bargaining Standard

TSSA developed an LGBT+ bargaining standard as a resource for our reps and activists to engage with their employer. Many employers have made a commitment to work with us on building towards or reaching a standard set out in this document. The more engagement we have with employers across the rail industry then the more likely we are to reach our campaign aim of making the railway LGBT+ inclusive by 2025. Contact us if you would like to discuss engaging your employer in discussions around the bargaining standard.

If you would like a copy of the bargaining standard, it can be downloaded from the website here   Inclusive Workplaces Bargaining Standard -Bargaining Standard or Contact us

#NoBystanders Pledge Cards

This is a joint campaign that we launched with LGBT+ organisation Stonewall. People sign cards to pledge their support of the campaign, agreeing to not be bystanders to bullying or teasing.

How to use the cards:

  • events
  • meetings
  • activities in your workplace.
  • Request some cards, have conversations with people about the campaign, ask people to sign them
  • And then return them to TSSA so we can keep record of how many people have pledged their support.

If you would like some #NoBystanders cards to support this campaign in your workplace you can download them here   No Bystanders Pledge Card  or Contact us.

5 Year Placards

These placards are designed for people to write on with their ideas for what needs to happen to make the railway LGBT+ inclusive. The completed placards will be used as a form of time capsule. We hope that many of the things people have written down will be the changes we see by 2025.

Take the placards to a meeting with colleagues where equality is being discussed or start a conversation within your workplace or with your manager about LGBT+ inclusion. Have a think about what your company is already doing and what else you think they could be doing to make the railway LGBT+ inclusive.

If you would like some 5 year placards to use for an event or activity these can be downloaded from the website here   No Bystanders Pledge Card   or Contact us. 

LGBT+ Role Model Posters

These posters feature our fantastic members and help to demonstrate why the Inclusive Rail campaign is important to our members as well as challenging stereotypes about what it means to be LGBT+

If you would like to order some LGBT+ role model posters for your workplace or company, please Contact us.

Visibility is Key

 Requesting some Inclusive Rail posters and materials to update your noticeboard is a really quick and effective way of supporting TSSA's Inclusive Rail campaign. Why not create a display celebrating LGB+ individuals both past and present who are relevant to your industry or the local area for LGBT+ History month? 

If you do update your noticeboard or create a display for LGBT+ History Month send any photos and details to our LGBT+ Organiser Amy Keirl - Contact Amy - so we can celebrate your work and visibility in the future. 

And finally...

To request any materials for LGBT+ History month, to ask questions about the Inclusive Rail Campaign or to share your plans for LGBT+ History month, please email

If you identify as LGBT+ and are interested in joining our LGBT+ Network or if you would like to be involved in our campaign as an LGBT+ ally, please email our Organiser Amy Keirl on 


Role Model Poster Tamara Challenge 

 Role Model Poster Sam Proud