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Fair Pay, Equal Pay

Fair Pay, Equal Pay

Fair Pay, Equal Pay. Do you have a fair pay and grading system? Is your company plagued with a performance management system that is consistently unfair? If you answered yes, it is likely there will be issues of Equal Pay and inequality in your system. To find out more about what you can do, contact your local organiser.


Network Rail 'Your Pay' Referendum

Network Rail now has a proposal to implement a new pay structure for Bands 1-4 in September 2015: this represents a significant success for TSSA.

The new structure is intended to create a fairer pay framework for both staff joining the organisation and those progressing through it.

TSSA reps have worked with Network Rail over the past four years to ensure that the greatest number of employees possible will benefit from the new proposals.

These negotiations arose from many equal pay claims by the union and challenges to a pay system that lacked transparency and equality.

The story does not end there, however: TSSA is running a referendum on the pay structure during July 2015 and it is important that YOU make YOUR voice heard – You will decide the next chapter of the 'Your Pay' story!

TSSA ‘Your Pay’ roadshows: We answer your questions

•    Wednesday 1 July:    Glasgow George House (Am)/St Vincent Street (Pm)
•    Thursday 2 July:        York George Stephenson House
•    Friday 3 July:        Manchester Square One
•    Monday 6 July:        Milton Keynes Quadrant
•    Tuesday 7 July:         Birmingham Mailbox
•    Wednesday 8 July:    London Cotton Centre (Am)/Burrell St (Pm)
•    Thursday 9 July:              London Enterprise House
•    Friday 10 July:              London Eversholt St
•    NB: Ask Your Local Reps For Details And Dates Of Other Venues

10th Hereford Depot 09.00 - 12.00 Adrian Bridges
10th Liverpool Central 07.00 - TBA Anthony Lamb
12th Swindon Western House 08.00 - 12.00 David Northey
16th Peterborough Cresent House 10.30 to 14.30 TBA
17th Cardiff ROC 10.30 - 12.30 Adrian Bridges
17th Cardiff Callaghan Square 14.00 - 15.30 Adrian Bridges
21st Bristol Queen Anne Rd 09.00 to 11.00 Kevin Baber
21st Bristol Templepoint 14.00 to 15.00 Kevin Baber
22nd Exeter Central 09.00 to 11.00 Kevin Baber
22nd Plymouth 13.00 to 15.00 Kevin Baber


Questions & Answers - some common questions 

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please go to a roadshow or submit them to your reps using the form on the right side of this page.

Who is in scope of this project?

Employees working on Role Clarity contracts within Bands 1 to 4

How are new jobs allocated into pay ranges?

This project isn't changing the way that jobs are allocated in to bands, that will continue to follow be evaluated using the HAY Job Evaluation methodology.

The pay range will be allocated by the Joint Validation Panel (JVP). Information regarding the role will accompany the job description and this may include a business case, organisational chart or other supporting documentation to assist with the correct validation ofthe post into a pay range.

To allocate a pay range, the JVP will review a number of factors relating to the job these are - the combination of skills required to do the job; the labour market; hierarchy and will ensure consistency across the organisation.

How did we put the employees in ranges during the validation process?

It's roles that have been allocated pay ranges and not the employees.

At implementation of the new pay structure, all jobs will have been allocated to a pay range. Based on the job title shown in Oracle, employees current salary will be mapped into the relevant pay range that their job has been allocated to.

It's like a drag and drop from the old pay structure to the new pay structure - where individuals are placed within the new pay range will wholly depend on their current base pay.

How will Network Rail support an employee with a base salary above the top of their new pay range?

The employee and line manager should work together to discuss the situation and explore the options available eg identification of skill gaps or future career aspirations.

Can you clarify whether someone who is found to be paid lower than the new pay range that their job has been allocated to through this process, will have their pay increased?

Yes, if your current salary is below the beginning of the new pay range that your job has been allocated to from the effective date (1 September 2015), your base date will be increased to the starting minimum of that pay range.

Is transparent pay being rolled out to bands 5-8 as the band 5 to 4 pay differential is one of the biggest issues we have with the company?

This project began as a direct result of conversations between NR and the TSSA at pay talks in May 2011.There was a specific request from the TSSA for NR towork collaboratively with TSSA to review the management pay structure of role clarity bands 1-4.

The reason why band 5-8 were not included in the initial scope is that they are represented by RMT and a different body of reps with TSSA. However, we have an aspiration to roll this out to bands 5-8, but it will be a new project which as yet has not commenced.

What happens if my job description no longer reflects the job I do?

Ground 1 of the appeals process relates to situations where job descriptions no longer fully reflect the work being done. Once you receive your personal letter you have two months to lodge an appeal should you wish.

However, please don't forget that a JD is different to a task list. A JD should not be an exhaustive list of the tasks that individuals fulfil. It is about the key accountabilities and outputs, a new JD does not necessarily mean a change in pay range.

What happens if I disagree with the pay range that my job has been allocated to?

Ground 2 of the appeals process relates to situations where the individuals or groups of individuals believe their roles have been incorrectly allocated to a pay range. Once the personal letters have been received the individuals or group have two months to lodge an appeal.

TSSA workplace representatives will be able to support you

should you have grounds to appeal. Please talk to your rep today.

If you have any other questions about Fair Pay, Equal Pay at Network Rail, please complete the e-form on the right side of this page or contact your representatives using the details below.

The Referendum

On Wednesday 1 July all 1-4 staff will be told by Network Rail where their job sits within the proposed new pay structure.

TSSA will run a referendum between July 1st-31st inclusive by online ballot (members will be sent a link). If you think that the new pay structure is a fairer, more equal way of remuneration and you would benefit then you should vote YES.

Remember: Only TSSA members will have a vote in this referendum which will decide the future of Bands 1-4 pay so join now -

Are you a TSSA member who wants to vote in the Your Pay Referendum? Check TSSA has your correct contact details here -

If you are not a member yet, then join online today. After joining you will be sent a link to the online referendum where you can have your say.

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TSSA fights for Fair Pay

TSSA are committed to challenging inequality in the workplace, including in pay systems. Chances are, if you think your pay system is unfair then there could be issues of inequal pay and discrimination that effect everybody. That's why we are fighting for Fair Pay, Equal Pay in our workplaces.

If you are interested in addressing the issues in your pay system, contact Employment Rights Officer, Val Stansfield for more information and your first steps.

Pay & Grading Systems Training

Not sure if your system is fair and equal? Then come to a Pay & Gradings Systems course to find out more about pay systems and what you can do to address the issues in your workplace. To express your interest, contact Nadine Rae, Organising Director at