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About TSSA

Irish Committee

In Ireland, our Union is managed by an Irish Committee which is elected by the entire membership in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Annual Conference

TSSA's Annual Conference is the supreme governing body of the Association, to which all branches in Ireland and the UK are entitled to send delegates. Find out about the recent 2011 Annual Conference in Norwich

Irish Biennial Conference

The last Irish Biennial Conference was due to be held in November 2009 but was cancelled and the motions put forward were considered by the Irish Committee


All TSSA members are allocated to a branch, covering either their company, grade, or a geographical area. View the TSSA Ireland branches here.

Divisional Council

All the Branches in Ireland are grouped into the Divisional Council. The purpose of the Divisional Council is to organise the Division thoroughly and ensure that Branches are kept in an efficient condition. Tthe membership in Ireland and the recruitment of new members, and the organising and support of TSSA campaigns are the main priorities of the Council.

Each branch is entitled to send at least two delegates to Divisional Council, and more depending on the size of the branch.

Consultation on future operations in Ireland

  Circular 218 dated 17 July 2006