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Thanks to our organising approach, TSSA is a members union. TSSA is and always has been a membership driven organisation which means that its policy and direction has always been driven by the members.

Many members are enthusiastic and committed trade unionists with an interest in organising workers to achieve real change in their workplace. Day in, day out, they give freely of their time and energy to supporting their colleagues at work and building TSSA’s grass roots.

This activity takes a number of different forms. In the workplace we have reps: local reps, health and safety reps, learning reps (ULRs), equality reps and pensions reps, all dedicated to standing up for employees’ views and improving working lives.

Outside the workplace, many TSSA members are involved in the union’s internal democracy - branches, divisional councils, the executive committee and at annual conference.

The majority of our members have been recruited by their colleagues - by other lay members. The more members TSSA recruits, the stronger our union is and the more we can offer to members. The more colleagues in your workplace who are members, the greater the influence you will have on the decision-making process within your company.

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