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Labour NEC Election

Voting is now open for Labour's NEC elections and as an affiliated union, TSSA is backing certain candidates and urging members to vote.

Ballots will be dispatched from 19 October in the Labour Party’s national executive committee (NEC) elections. Voting closes at 12noon on Thursday 12 November with the results declared the next day.

These are extremely important elections for the Labour movement as the NEC is the governing body of the Labour Party, overseeing the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process. It sets strategic objectives on an annual basis and meets regularly to review the work of the party.

It is vital that candidates are elected who are prepared to fight for transformative socialist ideas and are committed to building a democratic Labour Party that stands up for working people.

If you are a Labour Party member, please use your vote!

TSSA is urging all eligible members to vote as follows:

NEC Youth Rep - Lara McNeill

TSSA is proud to endorse Lara McNeill as NEC Youth Rep.

Lara has consistently championed the views of young trade unionists, including on issues such as rent control, Black Lives Matter, trade union rights and public ownership of the railways.

Throughout the pandemic Lara has been working as a junior doctor in coronavirus wards, she is an inspirational activist and a credit to the Labour and trade union movement.

NEC Disabled Members Seat - Ellen Morrison

TSSA is backing Ellen Morrison for the role of Disabled Members Representative on Labour’s NEC.

Ellen is a fearless activist in the trade union and disabled people’s movement who has previously campaigned to demand an end to the vicious policies enacted by the DWP and advocated for the policies the disabled people’s movement need.

NEC Welsh Rep - Mick Antoniw

TSSA is endorsing Mick Antoniw for NEC Welsh Rep. Mick is a lifelong trade unionist who has worked as a trade union lawyer representing union members in dispute and in the workplace, including miners during the 84/85 strike.

Mick is committed to making the Labour Party more democratic and maintaining its socialist values.

Mick says “We must defend and promote our vision of a society based on social justice and equality, for the many, not the few”.

Treasurer - Diana Holland

TSSA is backing Diana Holland for Labour Party Treasurer. Diana is the current treasurer and is committed to keeping the Party’s finances on a sound and transparent footing.

As Assistant General Secretary of Unite, Diana is a strong supporter of Labour’s affiliated unions and socialist societies.

Chair of Young Labour - Jessica Barnard

TSSA is also backing Jessica Barnard as Chair of Young Labour.

Jess is a bold advocate of young members in the Labour and trade union movement, she has supported young workers in the McStrike, striking TGI and Wetherspoons workers as well as organising within GMB in their ‘wages not based on ages’ campaign to tackle low wages of young people.

Jess is committed to defending the movement’s socialist principals as the Labour Party and movement builds a society that works not just for the privileged few, but for everyone.



Full information on the election, candidates and procedures is available from the Labour Party website.

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Supporting statements

Lara McNeill

I am re-standing to be your NEC Youth Rep on my record of:
– Fighting for a democratic party
– Standing on an unashamedly socialist platform
– Delivering a youth manifesto for the 2019 election
– Organising political education, bringing together minds from across the international labour movement to inspire grassroots members
– Working with unions to make the Party pay its staff at least £10 an hour

As an NHS doctor, I have seen firsthand the crisis our health system is experiencing – a systemic failure that has left my colleagues doing their best to save lives with decaying infrastructure and out-of-date PPE.

I’m backed by trade unions, I have been an active voice in my own workplace, and have always stood up for our collective rights on the NEC.

We need a youth wing driven by the energy of members fighting for a better world, from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to Black Lives Matter to the campaign for a Green New Deal.

I’ll demand the resources for Young Labour to lead public-facing campaigns, build an active student wing and support our thriving local groups.

Re-elect me so we can organise for the socialist future young people deserve.

Ellen Morrison

I want to start by thanking the 50+ CLPs, 6 trades unions, Disability Labour and DPAC who have supported my campaign so far, each one makes me incredibly grateful and proud.
I’m standing to represent the disabled people’s movement on the NEC, because the trade union and disabled people’s movement is what made me the activist I am today, campaigning alongside Unite Community and DPAC to demand an end to the vicious policies enacted by the DWP and advocating for the policies the disabled people’s movement need.

I’m standing to win accessibility, democracy and policy making for us, by us.
We shouldn’t have to keep hearing it’s “too difficult” or “too expensive” to be open to disabled members. We shouldn’t still be waiting to get the disabled members structures and organisation that we were promised in the Democracy Review; and we certainly shouldn’t have to accept meagre promises to tinker around the edges of cruel Tory welfare policies that deserve to be scrapped.

I’ll fight for a party-wide accessibility review to throw open the doors of Labour’s structures and decision-making to disabled members; and I will insist that Labour implements its commitment to the social model of disability

Mick Antoniw

This election is about who represents you on the NEC, our governing body.

I was proud to be a part of both Keir and Jeremy’s leadership campaigns, but since joining the NEC in January 2019, where it’s been right to do so, I’ve been unafraid to exercise my own judgement.

Our leader deserves our support, but it cannot be unconditional. In a confident, radical and open party, the voice of members cannot be side-lined.

As a founding member of the Welsh anti-apartheid movement and a trade-union lawyer who represented Orgreave miners I know how to put the case for Wales.

As a lifelong socialist, I’m committed to establishing a truly membership-led party. That’s why, when Mark Drakeford had to choose a NEC representative, he chose me. We worked together to help introduce this long-overdue reform, which gives you the opportunity to choose who speaks for you on the NEC.

If you elect me, I’ll continue to be robust and honest in my support of our transformative socialist policies. I will be a voice that listens and reflects your views.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to serve.

Twitter: @mick4NEC

Diana Holland

It continues to be an honour to be elected Labour Party Treasurer.

We have transformed the Party’s finances, and I thank and pay tribute to everyone – members, trade unions, CLPs, elected representatives, socialist societies.

I remain determined to keep Party finances on a sound and transparent footing, as we deal with Conservative attacks on our Party’s funding, supporting the pivotal role of local Parties.

I am also a strong supporter of Labour’s affiliated unions and socialist societies. Labour always achieves most when all parts of our Party come together – this is also true of Party finances.

My top three priorities:
• ensuring resources to campaign and win in 2021 elections and building to 2024
• protecting and strengthening our funding base
• campaigning year-round, building Party membership, extending our reach.

My experience is as the longest-serving Labour NEC member; NEC and Party Chair 2002/3.

As Assistant General Secretary of Unite, I have a proven track record against injustice and exploitation, for investment in jobs, communities and equality for all. Strong governance, financial management and organisation are essential.

Now more than ever we must be the Party standing up for our communities, the alternative to poverty, division, fear and hatred.

Jess Barnard

I am running to transform Young Labour, to make it the agent of change it undoubtedly has the potential to be. From strengthening trade union links through the organisation of a young workers’ conference, to organisng alongside anti-racist movements; to standing with young workers in industrial action – this is the platform I am standing on, and the platform I would be very grateful if you were to endorse.

I am a committed socialist and since joining the Labour party in 2012 have worked to ensure that the Labour party champions the political change we need to combat the issues of our generation. As a Youth Worker I see every day the struggles young people face, from precarious work to insecure tenancies, homelessness and universal credit. My experience fighting these injustices and building political education programmes into communities, will be essential for building a Young Labour equipped to demand real change.

The Labour Party is the political arm of the trade union movement, and my election would mean that this position is maintained in Young Labour. I have been an active trade unionist, organising in my own workplace recruiting new members towards improving working conditions and equal opportunities for our team. Over the past few years I have supported campaigns to keep guards on the trains picketing at Norwich stations and have worked with the Nor4Nor campaign, chairing part of their most recent conference.

If I am elected, I will continue to strengthen the links between Young Labour and unions, and unequivocally support any campaigns our comrades in unions are fighting. I will unequivocally support the struggles of workers and throw the support of Young Labour behind them.