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TfL Strike on 10 July: General Secretary's letter to members

8 July 2014

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, writes to members in TfL about further strike action - co-ordinated with other public sector unions - to defend pay and pensions.


Dear Colleagues

Re: Strike 3 at TfL

TSSA is asking you to take another day of strike action at TfL on 10 July to say NO to TfL; an employer that wants to force through cuts over and above the level imposed on other parts of the public sector, despite currently operating an £800+ million surplus!

This time we will be part of a wider day of action on 10 July, involving staff working across our public services. We will be part of a 2 million plus strong movement fighting to protect high quality public services and outstanding workforce who provide them, helping us to increase our influence over the key decision makers.

I recognise that it is not easy to maintain a sustained campaign of industrial action over time. To assist members facing genuine difficulties TSSA has set up a hardship fund, and we are developing other strategies to support your action, and put TfL under pressure:

· Lobby the TfL BoardACT NOW: email the Mayor & the board to request a fresh approach to the dispute and a referral to ACAS:

· GLA / Parliament: we are building political opposition to these unjustified cuts. Questions have been put to the Mayor asking him to justify cut the pay of staff he admits are performing well!

· Pensions: the cuts to your pension are being raised at the Company Council and Pension Working Group. As part of our strategy to scrutinise and challenge TfL, their pension proposals are currently under examination by TSSA’s legal advisors.

· Equalities: TfL have now agreed to discuss the equalities impact of their proposals, but still refuse to provide the data underpinning their assumptions. Why? Because this demonstrates that their plans are likely to increase inequality between staff.

· Performance Management: we will shortly publish a report detailing the inconsistencies and lack of intellectual rigour behind TfL’s P&D process. TSSA research has identified better models used successfully in other industries.

· Market pay: we are preparing a comprehensive rebuttal of TfL’s statistics. TfL staff are NOT overpaid in comparison to the market. As it is, TfL often already struggles to recruit and retain staff at in some areas.

These strategies will build upon our campaign of industrial action; to succeed and be effective we need continued support from you and your colleagues.

The last strike was even bigger and better than the first and we need to keep the pressure up this time. We will have picket lines at all TfL major buildings; come along and show your support. Be one of the 2 million plus people fighting for public services and fair pay.

Yours in solidarity

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary

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