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2010 & 2011 Pay Award

20 April 2011

A further two meetings have been held with Colas recently to deal with various issues including the outstanding pay award for 2010. Colas reiterated the offer it made to the trade unions last year that had not been accepted. However they said they were prepared to offer a two year deal to include 2011.

This was for an increase of 1.5% from the 1st April on top of the previous offer. We immediately rejected this arguing that the shortfall in the 2010 offer needed to be addressed. Failure to improve the 2010 offer also made the proposed 1.5% increase for 2011 unacceptable too.
At our most recent meeting with the company, Colas put forward the following revised offer:

- 1 April 2010 1.5% increase on all base salaries
- 1 January 2011 0.5% increase in all base salaries
- 1 April 2011 2.0% increase in all base salaries
- Alignment of all pay review anniversary dates to 1 April 2012
- Alignment of all staff in receipt of overtime to the standard Colas 4-weekly payroll or if they prefer monthly payroll on 28th of each month
- Alignment of all staff not in receipt of overtime to the standard Colas monthly payroll on 28th of each month.
- Commencement of Terms & Conditions working parties to negotiate changes to improve productivity and cost effectiveness as per the commitment following the 2010 Track Renewals re-organisation.
- Movement of pay review dates for those with 1st January anniversary to 1st April (from 2012). These individuals will receive a 2.5% pay rise from the 1st January 2011.

Following discussions with our Company Council reps it is considered that acceptance or rejection of the revised offer should be determined by a referendum of relevant TSSA members. We are aware that this offer is below the rate of inflation but certain that it is the the company’s final offer. It is also the case that this offer either has been accepted or recommended for acceptance by the other trade unions.

Please return the referendum which has been circulated to members, to TSSA Walkden House 10 Melton Street London NW1 2EJ by first post on Friday 6th May 2011.

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