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2010 & 2011 pay update

21 April 2011

Amey Impose 1% for 2010

You will have noticed that despite TSSA members indicating clearly to the company that they are unhappy with the 1% offered for 2010 pay that Amey has taken the decision to pay that sum regardless, despite paying 20% bonuses to senior managers! We see this not only as an unwillingness to listen to you and meaningfully engage with your union in negotiations but as a further attempt to divide and conquer with a view to undermining your voice in the workplace. Whilst the company see this as the end of the process we do not and we consider ourselves in dispute over the matter, please read on.

COLAS offer more for 2010

Historically Amey & Colas have offered similar pay awards in previous years due to them working together on the Joint venture. Currently colas has offered:

- 1 April 2010 1.5% increase on all base salaries
- 1 January 2011 0.5% increase in all base salaries
- 1 April 2011 2.0% increase in all base salaries

The full details of the offer can be found on this website

Ex Atkins staff get nothing for 2009

Ex Atkins staff tupe’d into the company for the CEFA contract have again found that they have been short-changed. Since 2009 they have been waiting to receive the same pay offer as everyone else within the company for that year and despite promises at the time that this would be resolved they now find that they haven’t received anything at all to compensate them for that year.

Amey pay 2011

Despite the company not having sat down with us to discuss 2011 pay so far, we have received reports from members not covered by collective bargaining that they have received letters with varying percentage increases in pay for 2011. Also of concern is the fact that some members who are covered by collective bargaining have contacted HR to query these letters and been told that the letter refers to 2010’s pay! The anecdotal evidence suggests that this is potentially a back door performance related pay system or in some cases that those who accepted the individual pensionable pay cap on their RPS pension have received 0% for 2011!

Clearly we need more information to take this further with the company so we need your help.

What you can do

As stated in our last article it is our intention to run a ballot on industrial action but there are still some final adjustments to our membership records that need to happen before we can carry this out. Once that information is ready we will need to provide 7 days notice to the company of our intention to ballot before we do so. In the meantime you can help us, help you:

- If you are worried that your records, home address, job title, workplace etc are out of date please call our helpdesk (08003282673) to check your details
- If you have received a letter regarding 2011 pay please complete our survey at (have the letter to hand when completing this)
- If you are covered by collective bargaining but have received a pay increase letter then please follow this advice
- Get your colleagues to join TSSA to have a voice and get protected!

If you have any questions then you can contact your Company Council reps:

For Amey Inter Urban members:

Joint Venture - Andy Cole 07971875623

Non Joint Venture - Giles Hembrough 07747626927

1 x VACANT Company Council seat – Can YOU fill this seat?

For Amey Consulting members:

Birmingham – Patricia Massop 0121 212 5305

Bristol – Jana James 0117 300 6634
CEFA Mgt & Admin – Dave Merrett 01904 697 186

CEFA North – VACANT – Can YOU fill this seat?

CEFA South – Colin Savage 07817965262, Jim McKinney 07743885350

Swindon – Tarnia Wilson 01793527250

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