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2010 Pay Claim

5 March 2011

You’ve voted overwhelmingly to reject Amey’s 1% Pay offer. Thank you for using your vote.

Referendum Ballot results

Set out bellow is the result of the referendum ballot:
- Rejection of the pay offer = 88%
- Those in favour of taking industrial action short of strike = 84%
- Those in favour of taking industrial action inclusive of strike action = 59%

You have shown us the strength of feeling on this issue and compared to last years referendum those of you choosing to reject the offer has increased by 11% and those of you in favour of taking some form of industrial action has increased by 27%.

This must be partially down to the fact that:
- Ferrovial, the group that owns Amey announced 2010 net profits of 2.163 Billion Euro’s
- National Average earnings have recently increased by 2.8% according to surveys carried out by Incomes Data services (IDS)
- The cost of living is rising again as demonstrated by the retail Prices index (RPI) which for January sat at 5.1%.

You deserve more than 1% and clearly you are prepared to do something to get it!

Next Steps

I’ll be writing to the company to advise them of the results of the ballot and asking for a meeting to further discuss the 2010 Pay deal.
In the meantime the stronger we are the stronger you are so please ensure you speak to non-members and encourage them to join TSSA.
We will update you as to how we progress.

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