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2010 Pay Claim

18 March 2011

This is an update on the latest information on your 2010-pay claim.

Company Council meeting

On 14 March 2011 we met with the company and informed them of the results of our referendum ballot, which showed your overwhelming rejection of the 1 % offer.

The company’s response was a short one that they felt that pay talks had been exhausted and unless the trade unions were prepared to agree to further flexibility of your terms and conditions they wouldn’t amend the proposals.

It is clear that the company isn’t prepared to move on the offer unless we show them how serious you are about rejecting their pitiful offer.
Why should you accept 1% when:

- Amey’s top level managers received a 20% bonus for 2010
- Amey’s 2010 Profit exceed their target by over 5% (£100.1 Million)
- Ferrovial has increased profit by 6.5% in 2010 (2.163 Billion Euro’s)

We can win

The collaborative action that you took last year to save your Railway Pensions scheme shows that the company have to take notice and respond to us if we stick together and challenge them.

Together we can win, whilst we want the company to come back to the table and offer us a meaningful pay rise for all staff, we need to demonstrate again that we are united and prepared to take action against their measly offer.

What now

The only option now is to ballot you on whether you wish to take some form of industrial action to protect your interests. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly, with this kind of ballot there are legal hoops we need to jump through and so before asking you to vote we will be making some final preparations. I’ll be writing out to you in the near future to update you on what happens next.

If you are receiving this and don’t work for Amey or your personal details (home address, job title, workplace location, email etc) have recently changed then tell us on 08003282673

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