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2010 Pay Offer

11 February 2011

In 2010, Amey started off by offering a pitiful 0.5% increase to pay, which we rejected. We persuaded them to increase this offer, but they chose to only increase it to 1% and then refused to negotiate further until talks were concluded on their pension proposals.

Your pay rise was delayed by the company as we fought their attack on your pension provision. Amey’s tactics ensured these talks ran until the end of 2010, during which they refused to move on pay, despite the fact you had already told them you wouldn’t accept 1% in the referendum ballot we ran in April 2010.

There has also been an issue for some of our members working in the CEFA contract who were TUPE’d in from Atkins in 2009, promised a pay increase and then ignored! Ex-Atkins staff were promised a rise in September 2009, despite everyone else getting their 2% increase in April 2009. This promise was broken. Now we are told that Amey plans to only pay this group of staff 1% from April 2010! This is 1% less and a year later than everyone else.

What is more, the company has stated that they will only offer the ex-Atkins staff this increase if everyone else agrees to accept 1% pay and are thus trying to create a wedge between you and your colleagues and attempting to blackmail the ex-Atkins staff into agreeing to the offer!

Reps Discussions

Your reps feel that the offer is unacceptable because:

- You’ve already told Amey that 1% isn’t acceptable and yet they haven’t increased their offer
- Amey have achieved greater stability in their Pensions schemes
- Amey have made redundancies and created efficiencies
- Amey plc made in excess of £100 million pre-tax profit in 2009
- Inflation or RPI was well above 4% for the majority of 2010 so a 1% pay rise means accepting a 3% pay cut
- Senior managers will be receiving a 20% bonus yet they think you are only worth 1%
- Colas has offered 1.5% which has been firmly rejected by staff.

Despite the traditional link in pay between Amey & Colas due to the joint venture, Amey are offering you even less!

Despite all these points and more Amey still hasn’t increased their offer!
As time has moved on, your reps feel there is no option but to re-ballot but given the vast array of arguments against this offer we feel duty bound to recommend rejection of this pitiful below inflation pay offer.

What you need to do next

A ballot paper with 3 questions has been circulated to members. One asking if you reject the pay offer, the others asking if you are prepared to take strike action or industrial action short of strike (overtime ban / work to rule).

Our recommendation is to Vote YES to all three questions

Please return your ballot so that it’s received before the ballot closes at 12 noon on 28 February 2011.

If you know of a fellow member who’s covered by collective bargaining and hasn’t received their ballot form then contact the helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 to get it reissued.

You are worth more than 1%

Send a message to Amey that you deserve more for the work that you do to help them make a profit!

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