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2011 Management Staff Pay Referendum Result

6 October 2011

Driver Managers and Conductor Managers have overwhelmingly rejected London Midland's pay offer of 3.5% and a commitment to separate discussions on harmonisation in the recent referendum. Other management grade members covered by the negotiations have accepted the 3.5% offer.

The full referendum result is as follows:

  • Driver Managers - Accept 6%, Reject 94%
  • Conductor Managers - Accept 27%, Reject 73%
  • Other Managers - Accept 62%, Reject 38%

In both the Driver Manager and Conductor Manager referendum, all those rejecting the offer indicated that they would support a ballot for industrial action should that prove necessary. The Company has today been advised of this, and been given a further opportunity to reconsider their position to avoid industrial action ballots going ahead.

Although the Driver Managers and Conductor Managers have specific concerns arising from the offer and the impact on them of recent Driver and Conductor harmonisation agreements, the 3.5% pay offer should be of equal concern to all management staff when other grades have received a significantly better 3-year settlement. Unfortunately, while the referendum returns for Driver Managers and Conductor Managers were very high, this was not the case for the rest of the management group. Democracy only works effectively when people participate, and we have a long-standing vacancy for a management grade rep covering Head Office staff. If you are interested, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

If you require any further information on the contents of this circular please contact the TSSA reps dealing with this matter (Steve Hewitt and Colin Mytton) in the first instance. Please also discuss the contents of this circular with your colleagues, and encourage any non-members to join. The more members we have, the stronger our negotiating position becomes. Membership application forms can be obtained from your TSSA reps. Alternatively, call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line by clicking here.

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