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2011 Pay Claim

3 May 2011

Result of the TSSA referendum ballot on pay.

Ballot result

The ballot TSSA has been running has now closed and the results are as follows:

- 98% respondents in favour of accepting the pay offer
- 2% respondents not in favour of accepting the pay offer

Overall 47% of TSSA members took part in the ballot so thank you for taking the time to vote.

I will now write to the company advising them that TSSA wish to accept the offer.

The Offer

FGW’s pay offer is a 2 year deal for all those staff not already covered by a pay award for 2011 or 2012, effective from the relevant grade anniversary dates:

- Year 1 = 5.5% (due to the tradition of basing previous claims on February’s Retail Prices index or RPI which this is equal too)
- Year 2 = 3% or RPI, whichever is greater (RPI based on February 2012’s figure)

What now?

TSSA is not the only trade union involved in the Pay talks and as such the company will be waiting for a response from each trade union. Once we hear the overall outcome then we will communicate to you the next steps and assuming a positive outcome advise when you are likely to receive the pay increase.

Thanks again for taking the time to vote

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