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2011 Pay Claim

24 January 2011

An agreement on the 2011 Pay & Conditions of Service Claim has been reached at a meeting between your TSSA negotiating team and DeltaRail which took place on Tuesday 18th January 2011. This agreement has been secured despite difficult financial and trading conditions.

The main points of the agreement are as follows:

- 1.5% increase to basic pay from 1 January 2011

- 1.5% increase to overtime salary cap levels from 1 January 2011

- Commitment to hold further discussions on annual leave arrangements

- Additional paid Public Holiday on 29 April (Royal Wedding) – see below

Although member’s contracts provide for a maximum of eight paid bank/public holidays per year, DeltaRail has agreed to grant an additional day’s paid leave for 29 April. However, some staff may be required to take their day off at a different time depending on business need. The agreement also commits to; future discussions taking place between TSSA and DeltaRail on measures to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace; the provision of information to TSSA on the use of agency/contract staff; and the sharing of equality and diversity monitoring information with TSSA.

Your negotiating team considered the offer carefully, and concluded that in view of the 2010 pay freeze, recent redundancies, and the Company’s financial position, that this represented the best possible negotiated settlement. We also believe it is in everyone’s interest to reach an early agreement to enable the increase to be paid in the January payroll.

For further information on the contents of this circular, please contact one of your TSSA staff reps in the first instance. I would also ask that you discuss the contents of this circular with your colleagues, and encourage any non-members to join. The more members we have, the stronger our negotiating position becomes. Membership application forms can be obtained from your TSSA reps. Alternatively, call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line at

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