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2011 Pay Claim

27 April 2011

Signalling Solutions Ltd (SSL) have now made their full and final pay offer for staff covered by collective bargaining. Your reps have accepted this offer on your behalf following consultation with members. The details of the settlement are as follows:

- 2.5% increase to basic pay (back-dated to 1/4/11)
- 2.5% increase to London and South East Allowances (back-dated to 1/4/11)
- £6.23 per night lodging allowance for all S&T grades 1-6 staff (not back-dated, for claims from 19/4/11 onwards)
- an agreement in principle to work with management towards implementing monthly pay
- an agreement to jointly consider possible future reductions in the working week
- extending flexible working arrangements currently covering Testers to also cover Installers
- an agreement to hold meaningful discussions on a formal consultation agreement for staff not covered by collective bargaining

A number of other issues were also discussed during the pay meetings including; management on-call arrangements, staff on incorrect contracts, and the pay process that will apply to staff not covered by collective bargaining.

In response, the Company confirmed that the recent approach to managers regarding giving an on-call commitment is purely voluntary and is not contractually binding. In relation to a number of staff being on incorrect contracts, we remain concerned that SSL’s only proposed solution is to offer new contracts that would remove many benefits and take staff out of collective bargaining. We would strongly advise members currently covered by collective bargaining not to sign new contracts while we continue to press SSL for a satisfactory resolution. The Company also outlined the approach they are taking on pay for staff not covered by collective bargaining. They advised us that they have allocated pay budgets to department heads for distribution to staff based on a number of factors including individual performance. Meetings will take place in the next few weeks between managers and individual staff members to discuss their proposed pay increase. SSL also advised us that if staff are not happy with their increase they can appeal against the decision.

TSSA’s view is that where Performance Related Pay (PRP) schemes operate they must be fair, objective, equitable, and transparent. We expressed our concern to the Company that the lack of detail and prior consultation on their scheme means we are unable to verify this is the case. In any budget-capped PRP scheme, for someone to gain someone else has to lose. Meaningful discussions should take place with representatives about the overall “pot” of money and the distribution method. Everyone needs to understand exactly what is required of them at the beginning of the year, and the final outcome should not come as a surprise. An objective assessment process is essential in ensuring staff have confidence in the scheme and can effectively challenge the outcome. Anything less than this will never be seen as fair, and may be inherently discriminatory. TSSA will continue to challenge SSL on these elements of the scheme and will provide necessary support to members who wish to appeal against their pay award. We also need your feedback on the scheme, as we will be having further discussions with SSL in the near future.

Meanwhile, if you require any further information on the contents of this circular or to provide feedback on the PRP scheme, please contact your staff reps in the first instance. Please also discuss the contents of this circular with your colleagues, and encourage any non-members to join. The more members we have, the stronger our negotiating position becomes. Membership application forms can be obtained from your TSSA reps. Alternatively, call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line at

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