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2011 Pay Claim

22 March 2011

Further to the previous information on this topic TSSA’s FGW 2011 Pay Claim has now been submitted.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the recent survey, the results of which were essential in both structuring the claim and in providing FGW specific examples of how these issues impact you. The claim includes the following elements:

- Substantial pay rise
- Comprehensive analysis of pay systems, grading structures and the operation of recruitment and selection
- Improvement in regional allowances
- Arrangements for 2011 Additional Bank Holiday/Christmas/New Year
- Removal of requirement on employees to work unpaid overtime
- Reduction in the working week to 35 hours for all full-time employees
- Increase in annual leave entitlement
- Claim for a review of the use of agencies and agency staff
- Review of equal opportunities and diversities policies and practices
- Improvements to family friendly policies
- Improvements to travel facilities
- Claim for a sustainable workplace framework agreement

If anyone would like to see this year’s Pay Claim then please contact your rep who has been furnished a copy.

Next Steps

Along with the other relevant unions TSSA is scheduled to meet the Company for the first pay meeting on 1 April 2011.

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