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2011 Pay Offer

17 February 2011

After a series of meetings with the Company TSSA can confirm that they have received the final offer on pay from Balfour Beatty Rail for both Plant and Renewals.

In the first of those meetings the TSSA drew to the attention of your employer of the current rates of inflation and how that had an effect on the cost of living on our members. That we had not seen any change to core terms and conditions for some time, such as annual leave, family friendly issues etc. The employer offered 2% and in that offer they reiterated the following:

- 24% efficiency saving required by their main clients Network Rail resulting in cost savings required delivering current contracts.
- Tight marketplace requiring very cost-effective bids to secure work and contracts bid are deflationary.
- It was in line with the rest of the Balfour Beatty group.

The TSSA rejected that offer Balfour Beatty Rail made its final offer, which it is as follows:

The Offer
- 2.25% increase to basic wages as of 1st January 2011 for all staff part of the collective bargaining agreement.
- Minimum increases of £750 for those on a salary lower that £20,000 pa.
- Commitment to meet to discuss a reduction in the working week linked to a reduction of mid week hours.

Following careful consideration by the TSSA Company Council they believe that they should put this offer to our members to decide and cuuremntly a referendum is being held which closes on the 25th February 2011.

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