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2011 Pay Submission

9 March 2011

TSSA’s claim for improvements to pay and other terms and conditions of employment for members with an April anniversary review date has been submitted.

The claim includes the following elements:
- Substantial pay rise
- Improvement in regional allowances
- Reduction in the working week to 35 hours for all full-time employees
- Increase in annual leave entitlement
- Improvements to family friendly policies
- Improvements to travel facilities
- Review of equal opportunities and diversities policies and practices

The company has been asked to convene an early meeting to discuss the Association’s submission in detail.

HQ Administration ASG Pay Award

A meeting with the company to discuss our submission for improvements to pay and other terms and conditions of employment for these members has been been held. The Association is mindful that it is now over two months past the anniversary review date (1st January) and we are pressing Southeastern for a formal response.

29th April Public Holiday

Southeastern has agreed to grant this extra Public Holiday to employees. The following arrangements will apply:

- All staff rostered to work on this day will receive a standard day’s pay. Staff will be credited with an additional leave day in lieu of working 29th April that must be taken before the end of the leave year.
- All staff not required to work will be booked off duty and will receive a basic day’s pay.
- Part-time employees will receive pro rata equivalent time off based on their rostered working week and hours of duty.
- Staff off sick will be treated in accordance with standard Bank Holiday arrangements as provided for in their terms and conditions.

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