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2011 TUC Black Workers Conference

7 January 2011

Branches are advised that three valid nominations for the 2011 TUC Black Workers Conference were received in this office by the closing date of 3rd January 2011 as follows:

| Name | Branch | Nominated By |
| Amina Asanga | Euston | Anglia No.1, E-Mix, Euston, London North Western, London NW Retired, Paddington & Thames Valley, TfL Central, Thomas Cook (Central) |
| Manjit Gill | West Midlands TOC | Anglia No.1, E-Mix, Derby & East Midlands, Euston, London South Western & Middlesex, TfL Central |
| Asif Qurashi | Lancs & Cumbria General | E-Mix, Euston |

Amina, Manjit and Asif are therefore elected unopposed to represent the Association at the TUC Black Workers Conference.

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