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20th anniversary of rail privatisation

4 February 2016

TSSA and Shadow Transport Secretary urge the government to publicly rule out privatising Network Rail.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes supports Labour's Transport Secretary, Lilian Greenwood who today (Thursday 4 February) will call on the government to publicly rule out the break-up or the sell off of Network Rail.

"Network Rail was quite rightly introduced by a Labour Government followingthe collapse of Railtrack afterrail disasters at Hatfield and Potters Bar caused by poor maintenance practices by private companies.

"Publicly-owned Network Rail doesn't make a profit. Its exemplary safety record should be a matter of national pride which should not be tainted by yet another scandalous sell-off, break up or fragmentation of any kind.

Network Rail always puts passengers first.This is in sharp contrast to rip-off private train operators whose willingness to please their shareholders have left us with the highest fares in Europe. If this Government was on the side of passengers, they would be bringing train operators into public ownership rather thanconsidering whether to break-up and/or privatise Network Rail".

"I congratulate Labour's Lilian Greenwood on her efforts to retain public ownership of Network Rail which are so vital to all of us who want to see rail safety maintained as a government priority.

"Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin should stand up in the House today and say he will have no part in Chancellor, George Osborne's dreadful plans to downgrade our world-leading rail passenger safety record by turning it into a commodity."

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