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29 April 2011 Bank holiday

12 April 2011

Update on First Great Western's offer of payments for the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011.


The company wrote to TSSA and the other trade unions on 4 April to advise that for the bank holiday on 29 April they were prepared to offer the following:

- For those required to work on 29 April 2011 they shall be paid at the enhanced rate of time extra on time worked i.e. double time, with the exception of Management grades
- Management grade colleagues that are required to work shall receive an additional days leave
- All those that are rostered Rest Day or Leave shall receive an additional day’s leave.
- All colleagues that have a rostered turn of duty but are not required to work on this day shall be booked off with pay.

TSSA Response

Having canvassed all of the TSSA representatives the feeling was that for Management grade members the offer again fails to recognise the hard work and efforts of those within that grade. There were concerns expressed that some managers may be unable to claim back the additional annual leave and that as it is more probable that they will have to work the day they may be unfairly penalised as they may not be able to take full advantage of this offer.

Overall TSSA feel that a more fair and equitable arrangement would be for all staff working that day to have a choice of either Double time or a day’s annual leave in that way all individuals can choose what suits them.

TSSA wrote to the company on 8 April expressing our concerns and asking for a meeting to go over the issues so that we can find a compromise. With Christmas & New Year 2011 and the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2012 likely to bring similar issues for our members, it is important that we seek to find a resolution at this stage that suits the needs of all our members and is fair to all.

What can I do?

If you have comments or queries on this issue then please speak to your local representatives to ensure that they are aware of your opinions on the matter. We are aware that not all of our members will be unhappy with the offer but we want to find a solution, which caters for the needs of all without disenfranchising any groups of our members. We believe that there is a fundamental principle around fairness for all, which needs to be addressed.

It may be that the company won’t accept our proposals and if that is the case then we need to ensure we are in a strong position to be able to influence them. If you are aware of colleagues who are not trade union members but are interested in this issue then please encourage them to join.

If we are unable to agree with the company then we will need to come back to our members to gauge how we respond, potentially through holding an indicative referendum ballot. Your colleagues who are not members will not have a voice in any ballots that we hold, which is another reason for encouraging them to join TSSA.

It is also important to ensure that if your contact details have changed recently that you update these by calling our helpdesk on 0800 328 2673, that way we can ensure that any important correspondence reaches you.

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