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29 April Bank holiday

4 May 2011

Update you on First Great Westerns offer of payments for the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011.


In my previous circular I advised members that I was going to write to the company expressing concerns raised from our Management members and request a meeting. We met on 20 April to discuss our concerns.

We went over a number of issues that both related to 29 April it self and underlying issues that have exacerbated the feeling of unhappiness within the management grades namely:

- some managers forced to work on 29 April
- concerns over not being able to claim the additional days leave back
- seeing erosion in pay differentials between themselves and the grades that they manage
- feeling as if there is less an less incentive to become a manager
- no recognition that managers also give up family time on special days and so should be remunerated accordingly

I also pointed out that in Arriva Trains Wales TSSA had recently managed to negotiated enhanced rates for management grades either working or on call over Christmas & Boxing Day as a permanent change to terms and conditions.

Company Response

The company advised during the meeting that they felt unable to offer additional enhanced rates for management grades that worked 29 April.
FGW expressed that they were open to further discussions around arrangements for managers working Christmas and Boxing Day.

FGW advised that if we were able to identify specific groups of managers where pay differentials between themselves and those that they manage have been eroded that we can seek resolution through the Management Divisional Council.

Whilst overall we felt that there had been some movement to enable us to tackle some of the larger issues for managers the company still hadn’t moved it’s position on the 29 April. Therefore we suggested a compromise that any managers unable to claim the day back in annual leave be given the option to sell it back to the company. On this point they advised that they would respond to us in writing. The relevant part of the response states:

“In this respect I can advise that I am prepared to have further discussion on this option, subject to us being able to agree a set of principles in terms of when selling the additional day can be applied, and would propose that discussions on this also continue through management Divisional Council.”


Whilst the company haven’t offered us everything that we wanted they have offered avenues to seek resolution on a number of the underlying issues which effect our management members and we believe that we need to pursue these with a view to seeking improvements.

This will still require further work from us all to ensure that we achieve positive outcomes for management members. We need to be able to effectively communicate with members to find out their views and gather information, which will allow us to both adequately represent, and feedback information to them. This requires us to have members willing to represent their fellow colleagues on a local basis to canvass their views and feedback to them on the outcomes of negotiations both locally and at forums such as the Management Divisional Council and Company Council meetings.

Currently the Management Divisional Council has 1 representative for each of the 4 constituencies, which are:

| Driver Management/On Board/Guards | AOMs/Revenue/Stations |
| Control/Safety/HR/Finance/IT/Comms/Sales and Marketing | Engineering |

Local management reps in the 4 constituencies support these positions but we have several vacancies for Local Management Reps and we need you to consider standing for one of these vacancies, which are shown below:

| Operations/Safety/HR/Finance/IT/Comms/Sales and Marketing | AOMs/Revenue/Stations | Engineering |
| 1 x Traincrew Resourcing and Rostering | 1 x West | 1 x East |
| 1 x HR/Projects/Comms/Safety | 1 x Central | |
| 1 x Operations/Organisational Development and Compliance | 1 x East | |

If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies or want more information then please contact]

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