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29th September March and Rally Update from the North West TUC

4 September 2013

Route/Form Up/Assembly Point

The route has been confirmed with police and agency partners. It is:

Depart Liverpool Road

Turn Left onto Deansgate

Turn right onto John Dalton Street

Continue over onto Princess Street

Turn right onto Portland Street

Turn right onto Oxford Street

Left into Hall Street

Continue round to Bale Street

Turn left onto Lower Mosley Street

Continue down onto Albion Street

Turn left onto Whitworth Street

Turn right onto Oxford Street

Continue down onto Oxford Road

Finish at Whitworth Park


Note - The TUC is not organising or supporting any feeder marches or other events on the day. The intention is for there to be one united show of strength, bringing together trade unions, campaign groups and members of the community to speak with one, defiant voice.  


The assembly point for the march is on Liverpool Road at the junction with Deansgate. This will be marked and the form up order will be communicated once finalised. We are asking the march to assemble from 11am onwards. We will move off at 12:30pm. Access to the route along the way will be severely restricted due to road closures and barriers in place for the conference.

Coaches will drop off at the other end of Liverpool Road on Water Street. This will be drop off only. Police will board each coach and give instructions on the pick up point for each coach, which will be near to the Rally.

The front of march will be lead by health workers in uniform.

Short March/Static Demonstration

For those who require it, there will be two points for the shorter march. These will be at:

Barbiolli Square (outside of the Bridgwater Hall) – This allows for those who wish to join the march to pass the conference centre and continue onto the rally

All Saints Park (off Oxford Road) – This allows for those who just wish to attend the rally to join the march to its conclusion

All Saints Park will be stewarded and policed to ensure that those with mobility requirments will have safe and easy passage in the march. All marchers are asked to respect this.

For those not wishing to take part in the march due to disability, the site at Barbiolli Square will also allow for a static demonstration for the duration of the march. Further details on this will be published in due course.

There is car parking for those taking part in the short march at Great Northern and near to First Street.

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