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£650,000 transport boss plans pay freeze for staff

24 March 2014

London's £650,000 a year Transport chief has sparked a "them and us" strike ballot by proposing a pay freeze and pension cut for travel centre staff at mainline stations across the capital.

Sir Peter Hendy's cuts do not apply to himself or more than 50 directors and senior managers earning over £100,000 at Transport for London, chaired by London Mayor Boris Johnson.
They were branded "joint hypocrites of the year" today by TSSA leader Manuel Cortes whose 1,000 members start a strike ballot next Monday, March 31.
"Boris and his fellow Tories keep telling us that we are all in this together," he said. "But there seems to be one rule for the Mayor and all the plutocrats that back his half baked ideas and another rule for our members.
"Sir Peter and his cronies get their mouths stuffed with gold while our members who work at the sharp end just get the gruel.  It took a 48-hour strike last month to halt the plans to close every tube ticket office and we are ready to fight again to preserve our members’ pay and pensions in the travel centres and at TfL headquarters.
"Like the Bourbons, Boris does not seem to learn from history, even though that strike was only seven weeks ago".
He said as well as a pay freeze, Sir Peter wanted to cut pensions which could amount to an overall £200,000 pension loss to supervisory and managerial staff who work at travel centres at all the big mainline stations, including Waterloo, Kings Cross, Euston, and Paddington, as well as managing Overground trains, HR, finance at TfL HQ in Victoria. The ballot closes on April 16.
"Just nineteen months ago, the Mayor praised these very staff for their outstanding work during the Olympics. Now he wants to kick them in the teeth.
"Rather than plotting his return to the Commons in 2015, he should withdraw these cuts and sit down with us to find a sensible solution to this dispute. He cannot operate a trickle down pay policy in the 21st century where those at the top get everything and those at the bottom just get the crumbs."
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