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Annual Conference 2011 Emergency Motion

18 May 2011

The following emergency motion about the TSSA Strategic Plan was overwhelmingly adopted by delegates at the 2011 TSSA Annual Conference in Norwich.

TSSA Annual Conference

The following emergency motion was overwhelmingly adopted by delegates at the 2011 TSSA Annual Conference in Norwich.

“TSSA Strategic Plan

Conference notes and welcomes the frankness with which the General Secretary this week presented the Executive Committees recently amended strategic vision to the 2011 Annual Conference. Conference particularly endorses the comments of the General Secretary in respect of the need to work more closely with other trade unions and that the EC could not rule out the possibility of merger discussions.

Conference welcomes the fact that that the Association continues to have a strong balance sheet and has made significant progress in the quest towards becoming an organising and campaigning union.

Conference, however, recognises that the Association has not been immune from the major economic turbulence that almost brought the whole international financial system to its knees and caused many companies to collapse. The slow decline in membership has started to increase in speed as the savage cuts imposed by the government continue to threaten our members jobs and ultimately the income of the Association.

Conference recognises that the Association needs to take greater control of its financial destiny and that this can best be done by now working more closely with like-minded organisations to create strategic partnerships that will allow the Association to better balance income and expenditure. Conference therefore agrees that the time has come to revise the TSSA’s strategic priorities and congratulates the Executive Committee for having the courage to recognise and lead the necessity for such a change, which will involve consultation with Branches.

Conference recognises recent experiences of effective co-operation with the RMT and other unions on the railway pensions campaign and disputes in Network Rail and LUL. These experiences illustrate the potential for strategic partnerships to benefit the Association’s members.

Conference recognises that at this moment it is difficult to predict how strategic partnerships will develop. In some cases, working together could take the form of inter-union federations, whilst in others, particularly if resource sharing is the main driver, it could lead to merger. It is vital that the Executive Committee explores all options whilst the Association remains on a relatively strong financial footing.

To this end Conference agrees that the key strategic objectives for the Association will be to:
(a) build strategic partnerships with sister unions to help protect members and to secure a viable future for their voice;
(b) build a stronger union through the active participation of members, and
(c) involve communities in our fight for an affordable quality public transport system.

Conference recognises that the backbone to delivering our objectives is the support from Association members and instructs the Executive Committee to work with TSSA workplace reps, Branches and SOGs in engaging members with the Associations strategic vision.“


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