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Amey and Me Bulletin special

6 May 2011

Amey's latest employee briefing has been met with derision by TSSA members.

It is clear that even the hint that you might vote for industrial action has rattled Amey.

Their blatant combination of half truths, outright lies and scare-mongering demonstrates the impact that staff standing together for fairness at work has already had.

TSSA will not insult your intelligence by responding to the ridiculous suggestions that Amey somehow cannot afford more than a 1% pay rise. However, we are concerned that Amey has put out false and misleading “legal” advice regarding the current ballot and any subsequent action you may decide to take.

We have referred the issue to the TSSA solicitors for advice as to whether providing incorrect legal advice to staff is a legally actionable matter. We will publish the guidance from our solicitors so you are kept informed.

JSI00231.JPG Employee briefing cartoon

Under pressure, Amey have agreed to further discussions on 2010 pay. Something they refused to do before we started the ballot process. These talks will take place on the day we announce the ballot result (26 May). Clearly, a massive YES vote will strengthen our negotiating position at this meeting.

Network Rail has made an initial (unacceptable) 2.3% offer from for management grades 1-4 and an RPI based offer for Bands 5-8. Significantly more than Amey have imposed on you – and we are still in talks with NWR with a view to gaining further improvements.

Let’s keep the pressure up – vote YES to both questions in the ballot.

  Amey and Me Bulletin 06/05/2011Download the bulletin here

Frank Ward - Business & Campaigns Manager

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