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ATW: Elections – Management Company Council

7 February 2014

It is now time to nominate who you want to represent you within Management grades at company council. TSSA has sole bargaining rights for your grade on important matters like pay and terms and conditions and this is to notify members that nominations for your representatives will run until Noon on 28 February 2014.

Please also remember to complete our current survey on Annual leave payments online:


Company Council

Over many years Management grades have been represented at company council by Dean Fry representing Fleet, Peter Gittins representing the South of Wales and Chris Ball representing North & Mid Wales. They have carried out many duties in their role dealing with things like:

· pay negotiations,

· reorganisation and redundancy consultations,

· raising the concerns of members that haven’t been resolved locally both on an individual and collective basis,

· recruiting many TSSA members either by speaking to people or being involved in staff inductions

· representing members in disciplinary and grievance processes.

· having 2 way communications with members to enable them to represent your best interests and advise members accordingly

First and foremost the role of the rep is so ensure that your voice is heard and that voice is as strong as it can be. Through this time they have been supported by other local and company council representatives, full time staff from the regional office and they have also had access to training to carry out their role.

The company also has a duty through the collective bargaining procedures to provide them with paid release to prepare for and attend meetings in relation to their role and to undertake training relevant to their roles.

There is no guarantee that they will stand forward to carry out these duties going forward so we are asking you to consider stepping forward to stand for one of these positions.

Nomination and Election period

To be eligible for nomination you must be a TSSA member, work for ATW within the Management grades ideally for no less than 6 months. You must also submit a fully completed nomination form (click here) with your details, signature confirming that you will abide by TSSA rules, and obtain nominations from 6 colleagues who are TSSA members within the Management grades.

A copy of the nomination form is attached and must be submitted to Alan Valentine and arrive before 12 Noon on Friday 28 February. This can either be by post, fax or a scanned copy of the completed form can be emailed to Alan Valentine. Details of the nomination rules are contained on the form itself.

As there are 3 separate company council seats within the Management grades constituency covering different groups of members (North & Mid Wales, Fleet Managers and South Wales) if we receive more than 1 valid nomination form for each position then we will then run an election. This will be a postal vote on the basis of members being able to select 1 candidate from a list of eligible nominees within their area. The candidate with the most votes within each of the 3 areas will then be dually elected. We would aim to complete this process by the end of March but if we receive 1 nomination per area then the candidates will be elected unopposed and the process would be complete on the 28 February.

More information will be sent out to members on or after 28 February 2014

Any Questions?

If staff in the Management grades want a say on who represents them at company council meetings and they aren’t currently members then please encourage them to join at and add to your collective strength

If you have any questions about this process then please contact Alan Valentine via email  or alternatively by calling 07775912829

Don’t forget

Please also ensure that if you haven’t completed the Fair annual leave payments survey that you complete this by noon on 14 February 2014 by going online at:

More details on the purpose of this survey can be found on the ATW section of the TSSA website:

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