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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Claim

1 May 2013

Thanks to those of you who completed our pay survey, as ever your representatives need your opinions and feedback to effectively act on your behalf and this will be no different as pay talk’s progress. This circular is to advise you on the Pay claim that we submitted on your behalf and to update you on the first pay talks meeting held on 24 April.


Pay Claim

After receiving your feedback from the pay survey and the interactions that you have had with local stations and company council representatives we submitted a pay claim in early April to the company. The key items raised were:

  • Claim for substantial increase in basic rates of pay

  • Claim for an end to employees being required to work unpaid overtime for the first 15 minutes of unplanned overtime

  • Claim to increase the basic annual leave entitlement by 3 days and removal of compulsory leave on Christmas and Boxing day

  • Increase in payments to employees whilst off on annual leave to take into account what you receive in ‘normal pay’ i.e. overtime rates and allowances received during your normal working weeks.

  • Re-grading as a result of additional duties for booking office staff – If the changes the company are proposing around booking office staff making refunds which is currently carried out at head office we want to ensure that you are adequately remunerated for this if you agree to carry out those duties.

  • Changes to provisions around Rest Day working and expenses for GPR’s to ensure that additional time to travel away from home station is paid for and that the expense of getting there is covered in full. We have asked for people to be given the option of banking up to 6 of their rest days per year to take the time back later in the year at the individuals discretion.

  • Claim for improvement to travel facilities

  • Improvements to car park facilities by providing free parking for staff

  • Request for a green group working party looking to save ATW money through green initiatives that could be ploughed back into the pay pot.

If you wish to see the full 11 page submissions then please speak to your local or Company council TSSA representative to get a copy.

Pay Talks

Pay talks started on Wednesday 24 April with representatives from Stations, Drivers, Guards/conductors and Fleet as their previous deals have all come to an end. Whilst the various Trade Unions around the table had submitted different claims there were some similarities which ATW felt was useful to comment on but that they felt that the various grade specific negotiations could happen after the initial meeting.

ATW outlined what they saw as challenges to them at present such as the reducing subsidies from the government, increasing fuel costs, payments to fund British transport police, increasing sickness absenteeism rates etc.

Similar items in the pay claims that the company responded on were:

  • Increase to annual leave – Company advised that every additional days leave granted would represent a cost of 0.5% from the pay offer but that they felt that the current annual leave provisions were reasonable.

  • Sick pay – RMT had requested an increase to the sick payments and that full pay is granted past the current 6 months, ATW advised that there current absenteeism rate was 5.13%, above their target of 4.4%. They felt current arrangements were adequate but they wouldn’t consider any movement on this without a downward trend in the absence rates.

  • Improvements to travel facilities – Company outlined that the reciprocal travel had been extended in January 2013 across all of the Arriva UK companies; but ATW did express a willingness to have further dialogue about how this could be improved.

  • Car Park provision – ATW stated these provisions were discretionary, non-negotiable and they weren’t prepared to discuss further

  • Green Issues working party – Company did not consider this item was appropriate for pay talks

The company then outlined that they would be prepared to offer a no strings Pay offer for 2013 of May’s Retail Prices Index (RPI) which currently sits at 3.3%. They advised that if they were to consider a multiyear deal then year 2 would be based on RPI for that year.

Your TSSA representatives thanked ATW for their candour in opening the talks but that we would be looking to continue the talks as one group rather than splitting into various grades whilst we would still wish to address our member’s aspirations as outlined in our pay claim. We are awaiting further dates for talks to continue and will advise you as these progress. In the meantime if you are aware of non-members who will have no voice during this process then get them to join today

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