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ATW: Local Management rep vacancy

23 January 2013

Notification of nomination period for Local Management representative position


Vacant Reps positions

I would like to thank Haydn Cridland for his hard work as a local management representative covering St David’s and St Mary’s House in Cardiff. Haydn has now decided to stand down from this role and therefore it is important that we fill this vacancy to ensure there is adequate representation of Management Grades within these two workplaces. The position has a 3 year term and a nomination process and election will take place at the end of those 3 years.

Being a Trade Union representative can be a challenging but rewarding role ensuring that TSSA management member’s views and workplace issues are listened to and represented to senior management. As a local rep you will also represent colleagues in Disciplinary & Grievance meetings and liaise with the relevant company council representative to ensure that unresolved issues are dealt with at the appropriate level. To ensure that we are stronger there will also be an expectation that you speak to colleagues who are non-members and encourage them to joint TSSA for the good of all and potentially take part in staff inductions for new staff to talk about the benefits of joining TSSA.

Paid time off will be granted to attend training and perform your duties and support will be available from other representatives, TSSA helpdesk and the Full time staff based in Bristol.

Those wishing to stand for this position should complete the attached nomination form, get 6 TSSA management members from within the constituency to nominate you and return it ideally via email before noon on 19 February 2013.

If you have any questions then please email Alan Valentine

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