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ATW: Management and HQ Clerical Pay 2012

31 May 2012

Overview and update for members on 2012 pay talks


2012 Pay Survey

Thanks to those of you who completed our pay survey and have since fed back to your TSSA representatives regarding your aspirations. Without you getting involved and telling us what you want from this year’s pay deal at each stage we cannot hope to produce a deal that is acceptable, therefore please ensure that you vote in our referendum (details at the bottom of this circular).

Pay Talks

Talks have been progressing since early April, the initial offer made by the company was a choice of either a 1 year no strings deal comprising of 3.2% or a 3 year deal of 3.7% for Year 1 and the Retail process index (RPI) for years 2-3.

Whilst members had expressed a desire to see some assurances for Job security to be tied into the deal, Increases to Annual leave and reduction in the working week ATW made it clear at several stages of the talks that they were unwilling to consider these as options to enhance any multiyear deal.

In the circumstances your representatives set about trying to achieve the best offer that was possible and at the second last meeting the company tabled a 3 year offer comprised of a 3 year deal with Year 1 = 4%, Year 2 = RPI or 2% whichever greater and year 3 = RPI or 2.5% whichever greater. The company also undertook to take away a proposal to reduce hours for Management staff at Machynlleth who currently work 45 hours per week but the company subsequently stated that this wasn’t possible unless they employed an additional staff member and reduced the overall pay offer by 0.5%.

After receiving feedback from members there were concerns expressed that accepting a 3 year deal without extra enhancements to years 2 and 3 or some form of no compulsory redundancy agreement wouldn’t be acceptable also generally members weren’t prepared to accept a reduction in pay to decrease hours for a small group of staff.

Pay offer

We met again with the company on 29 May and fed back your responses to the company, we also reviewed the company accounts for 2011 which were very favourable we again tried to pursue the following:

· Further increases to the overall offer

· No compulsory redundancy agreement or form of words

· Reduction in hours for those working 45 hours a week looking at setting up a working party to review these hours potentially looking at productivity and even a reduction in the individuals pay

Unfortunately we were unable to achieve any of the above as the company advised that the 2011 figures were exceptional, they already felt that they offered good job security and reassured us that they do all that they can to retain staff within the business. They also explained that there were issues around the 158 fleet serviced at Machynlleth and weren’t prepared to entertain changes in hours without first seeing improvements or us agreeing to their previous offer around this group.

In the end the company offered the pay rise over a 2 year period as they recognised the concerns our members expressed about such a long deal and uncertainties around inflation and the economic climate this also allows the opportunity to see improvements at Machynlleth over a shorter period

The final 2-year pay offer tabled was as follows:

Year 1 = 4% (around half a percent higher than May 2012’s projected RPI figure)

Year 2 = RPI or 2% whichever is greater, based on May 2013’s RPI figure

Given the feedback your reps had received from members they felt that this may be a more palatable offer in the circumstances than a 3 year pay deal which was backed up from the survey results that we had initially received.

Referendum ballot

Your TSSA representatives felt that in the circumstances this was the best offer that could be achieved without going down the route of a potential dispute we are therefore recommending acceptance of the offer.

As always we want to ensure that members have the ability to vote on such an important issue and we will hold a referendum ballot to receive your response to the offer. It is really important that you take the opportunity to vote whatever your opinion.

The ballot will run until Thursday 21 June giving 3 weeks for us to receive responses. The referendum will be postal so please complete and send your nomination form in as soon as you receive it.

If you haven’t received a referendum ballot paper by Thursday 7 June then please contact our member’s helpdesk by 14 June on:

0800 328 2673 or

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