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ATW: Management and HQ Clerical Pay 2012

25 June 2012

Members vote to accept Pay offer.


Members have their say

Our last circular outlined the pay talks that had occurred and the process of us holding a referendum ballot to assess whether members were happy to accept the 2 year offer. For clarity the offer was as follows:

Year 1 = 4% (0.9% higher than May 2012’s actual RPI figure)

Year 2 = RPI or 2% whichever is greater, based on May 2013’s RPI figure


The outcome of the ballot was as follows:

Those in favour of accepting the offer = 72%

Those against accepting the offer = 28%

Percentage of Ballot forms returned = 37%

As the majority of members who voted were happy with the offer we have therefore advised the company verbally that we will accept the offer and have written to them formalising this acceptance.

Given the timescales members should receive the uplift in line with the July Anniversary date without the need to receive backdated payments and we have requested confirmation of this in our letter to the company.

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