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Amey: 2014 Final Pay offer

9 April 2014

Final pay offer and request for members full participation in Pay referendum.


Pay Talks

Talks have been ongoing since our last communication in January with some key points:

· Amey are unwilling to rebalance the below inflation pay rises of the past

· Amey were willing to propose a one year deal

· Amey not willing to offer more than Network rail paid its staff (3.1% paid on an anniversary date of 1 January 2014 which was based on November 2013 RPI + 0.5%)

· Amey will not offer the same pay rise to those outside of collective bargaining despite us asking for Band D’s to receive the same amount as those covered by collective bargaining

The last few months of this year’s talks have proven difficult in terms of getting availability to meet, which has meant a lot of communication has been done via conference calls or emails. This has frustrated the process, not least as Amey at the last minute added a phrase around the 3.1% being a ‘pay pot’ for us to agree how it would be distributed. Something that your representatives were concerned would leave the potential for unscrupulous pay practices being introduced through the back door. Thankfully Amey removed this element of the wording, which has meant we are now in a position to recommend the final offer which is outlined below, taken straight from the relevant correspondence:

“A 1 year deal only.

3.1% pay increase to apply to all employees in the collective bargaining group including apprentices and trainees effective 1/3/14.

All allowances as defined in the 2008 agreement will be increased by 3.1%

All increases will apply regardless of whether the employee has had a recent salary change e.g. for a promotion

All increases will apply from 1 March 2014 (including to those who have transferred out 1 April 2014)

As you are aware Amey is committed to moving ahead with the reviews currently taking place into rostering, flexible working, on call and harmonisation of T&C’s. I firmly believe that a target completion of September 2014 should be agreed to focus all parties attention on agreeing and resolving the many issues that exist within these areas. Additionally a simple note will be added to salary review lettersboth apologising for the long time these discussions are taking and confirming commitment to moving things along.

As mentioned when we met it is Amey’s intention to review the current Apprenticeship programme. For clarity this would be for new entrants only. Further work is currently being done on this and again for clarity any proposed changes would be fully discussed and agreed with you”

For information the specific Allowances increased in line with the above headline figure as per the 2008 Pay Agreement are London Allowance, Lodging Allowance, Test Section Mobility Clause, On Call, SCMI.

Whilst we may not have achieved everything that we had hoped the fact that this pay offer will match the above inflation rise that Network rail paid its staff and you have in effect been offered an above inflation pay increase (as January’s Retail Prices Index figure was 2.8%) is a real positive and shows that the extension of collective bargaining that you won several years ago is working and benefiting you.

The question now is, are you happy to accept this offer?

Please let us know by visiting us online at:

Please complete the online referendum ballot by noon on 22 April 2014 – the more responses that we receive the clearer your mandate will be.

As ever please encourage your colleagues to build on our collective strength so that we can improve future pay offers, they can join online at:

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