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Amey: 2014 Pay Talks

28 November 2013

Update from latest pay meetings and further request for representatives to stand to look after member’s interests. Whether it is relating to pay, disciplinary and grievance meetings or consultations relating to things like TUPE and redundancies the sooner we have all the reps vacancies filled the better position you will be in going forward.


Companies initial feedback

We have now met twice with Amey to negotiate on the 2014 pay award. The first to outline your pay claim, which we detailed in the last circular and the latest to hear Amey’s initial proposals on what they are prepared to offer.

Amey tabled a 3 year multi-year deal based on CPI (Consumer Price Index) for each year and suggested that there could be thresholds either side which would trigger further talks if this index went below or above certain levels.

In terms of Allowances there was no initial offer, despite your TSSA claim tabling the fact that a goodwill gesture was needed to assist us to partially compensate members due to the fact no progress on this topic had been reached since the last pay deal.

They advised that they had analysed the level of cost associated with decreasing the working week and with paying staff for travel time and advised that both were too costly to implement.

Amey proposed that for items such as the use of Handheld devices and technology in general, standardisation of terms and conditions and more flexibility in rostering there would be productivity savings which they felt could be translated into additional money for pay talks. It was clear on further questioning that some of these items were specific to certain groups with Handhelds, technology and terms and conditions being specific to CEFA and the rostering being linked to staff working on the joint venture.

TSSA response

We made it clear that the feedback from members at present was for a one year deal based on Retail Prices Index ‘+’ (RPI – Which is generally higher than CPI due to taking into account costs like house prices etc). For us to be in a position to accept a Multiyear deal firstly we would need some form of goodwill gesture to recognise the lack of movement on Allowances from the last pay deal and secondly the maximum that we could consider would be a 2 year offer based on RPI ‘+’ but with a fall back figure that guarantees a minimum amount.

Whilst we are open to meaningful talks on some of the productivity issues they should be based on the staff that they are impacting on i.e. any savings made given back to the staff affected. It was clear that more information is needed from the employer and we asked them to spell out their initial thoughts in writing providing further info on their costing on working hours and travel time. We also outlined that any standardisation should consider some form of fair pay and grading structure that is equality proofed to ensure that it is fair.

Allowances response

After this feedback the only change in the proposals that we received related to allowances, Amey proposed to increase the on call allowance of £200 if they were able to ensure that between 80-90% of staff were prepared to cover on call. We asked them to include these proposals in writing so that we could understand further what they were proposing and gather feedback from members as to their feasibility and worth.

At present we have diarised dates in Mid-January to continue negotiations but we will update you on any further progress with these talks, in the meantime we are interested to hear your views on what has been tabled thus far.

Your input and your assistance is needed

We will be seeking to attend as many Team briefs as possible over the coming weeks to canvas you for your views on this offer and to find out if you have any other questions or issues that you wish to raise with representatives. This is made more difficult where we don’t have representatives in place and we will be asking people to come forward and represent their colleagues in the future.

In Operations Rail we are looking for local representatives to come forward especially in areas outside of the South West of England. We also need to know where and when the team briefs are taking place in Operations rail so please let us know as soon as possible where and when your briefing is.

In Consulting Rail the reps have already started planning attendance at team briefs and should be able to attend the majority, but there are still vacant representatives’ positions in the North East and West of England, Scotland and Midlands. With many contracts in the process of being awarded and the potential for future TUPE transfers it will be really important for people to come forward as soon as possible to represent their colleagues. That way we can ensure that representatives are equipped and supported to ensure that your rights are protected and looked after in advance of any changes.

If you cannot make a team/safety brief or if we are unable to attend your briefing you can contact us on or find out who your rep is by contacting our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or

If you need to keep up to date on any old briefings or circulars then you can access these on our website at

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