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Amey: Industrial Action Ballot

22 August 2012

TSSA response to companies ‘Business Briefing’, YOU have the power to enable us to get a much improved offer. Vote YES, YES and send back your ballot paper today.


Business Briefing

Members entitled to vote in the industrial action ballot will have received a circular outlining the outcome of the latest pay talks. The business briefing sent out to staff on Friday 17 August doesn’t provide any additional information although it is interesting to make a few points:

  • The company advise that 1.75% is a consistent amount offered across Amey, yet from our surveys people have told us that they have received pay increases well above this amount
  • In 2010 senior managers received up to 20% bonus payments and we have no information which suggests this disparity has ceased
  • The company state that “they believe” that there are issues with Allowances suggesting that TSSA is somehow separate and distinct from you, in truth YOU have raised issues with Allowances which is why we submitted requests to review allowances in YOUR pay claim, YOU are TSSA.
  • The company suggest that there are a small number of people not covered by collective bargaining. From the information that we received from Amey at the end of 2011 there are around 125 staff in Inter urban that aren’t covered by collective bargaining, there are still small groups within Amey consulting that we believe should be covered and are not.
  • It is true to say that there are groups that should have joint recognition rights within inter urban, based on collective bargaining rights that transferred with staff from British rail. Some of the delays in sorting through this information have been down to the unions as we wanted to ensure that the right groups of staff were covered by the correct unions, there is a long history within the railways of certain groups being covered by several unions and the principal that the company has adopted of trying to create a clear division of representation has been a block to us moving forward in talks as it is counter to current rights and the historic context of some grades that we represent.

Companies stance

The companies briefing seems to suggest progress and we are hopeful that this is the case but it is important to remember that:

  • We waited over 4 months for pay talks to start, we don’t believe that these delays were needed or acceptable, YOUR actions made the company move forward and start these talks
  • No firm offer on what a multi-Year pay deal could look like has been provided by the company despite assurances that we would receive this by 17 August, we welcome any progress but progress needs to be tangible for us to change our position, unfortunately this is not.
  • The company suggest that it is a negative thing not to pay you the 1.75% upfront and yet we are seeking to protect you and act in your best interests and not have a repeat of the imposed pay rise in 2010, we believe accepting this offer would be folly in the circumstances and you are worth more! Our surveys demonstrate that YOU believe the same!
  • The company outline a simple process for widening collective bargaining but unfortunately when it comes to Amey things are never that simple! They are still not accepting the basis of joint collective bargaining for certain groups and there are various pitfalls in their suggestions we had hoped the real detail of their proposals would be apparent in their written response but unfortunately there was no real detail of how they saw this operating in practice so further information is needed.

As you would expect the company are wanting you to see that there is progress so that you vote against industrial action but there is no real substance or movement to their proposals and until that happens you must give us the best advantage in these negotiations and keep the pressure on the company by voting YES, YES and posting your ballot paper today.

We are currently phoning members to discuss the latest offer, if you have not received a call it may be because we don’t have your contact details if you want to receive a call, have any questions or want to know how you can help then please speak to your rep or email

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