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Amey: Latest on Talks

26 September 2012

TSSA pushes company to talk sooner rather than later, seeking to keep the pressure up to achieve a meaningful deal for you in a reasonable time frame.


What has happened since the Suspension of Action?

Following the suspension of Industrial Action TSSA has pushed the company to move forward quickly on talks. The first date offered for face to face talks was 2 October which was not quick enough given the history of this year’s talks.

Members had also informed us that a different offer had been tabled to the RMT which involved a 3% headline figure for 2012. TSSA pushed for talks to take place and as a result we have since had a conference call and a face to face meeting with the Company.

Conference call

Your reps yet again raised concerns about the manner in which this year’s pay talks had been conducted; if meetings hadn’t been cancelled and if increases to the offer had been tabled earlier in the year then we probably wouldn’t be in dispute. We explained that we had been forced to effectively keep a gun to the companies head to ensure that they would meaningfully negotiate with us and that this feeling had not gone away!

The company clarified that they had removed the pay offer for RMT members which we advised could negatively impact on our members as the company doesn’t have visibility of who is in which union and some of their staff choose to be dual members. Essentially the make-up of their workforce in Rail is too complex for them to be able to withdraw this just for one Union.

Your feedback was passed to the company regarding the different offer made to the RMT and concerns that had been expressed about being tied to a 2 year deal. The company made it clear that the only reason the offer for 2012 was able to be as high as it was due the fact that they could budget for year 2. Your reps suggested increasing the second year to ease members concerns.

We sought clarity on the nature of the 3% deal and the company clarified that whilst this was currently off the table the RMT offer had been as follows:

Year 1 = 3% Backdated to 1 March 2012

Year 2 = 2.5% from 1 March 2013 permanently changing the anniversary date

The difference between the 2 offers is within the first year where the backdating offered to TSSA was to 1 January 2012 but the headline figure was 2.8%. Your reps considered the 3% more favourable as it would impact directly onto Pensions entitlements, overtime rates and other allowances.

We raised issues with the Collective bargaining within Amey Inter Urban where the company fails to recognise that some groups of workers should have joint recognition rights, it was made clear that TSSA cannot accept this position.

We clarified that the terms of the 2008 pay agreement would apply to certain allowances automatically being increased in line with the headline figures and also the wider issue around Allowances needs further discussion.

We agreed to meet face to face on Tuesday 25 September 2012, as there was no further movement during the teleconference, your representatives have taken the view that we need to ensure that pressure is applied to the company to ensure positive movement is achieved therefore we issued the company with notice for further industrial action from 5pm Friday 12 October 2012 till 5pm Monday 15 October 2012. This will consist of Strike action within Amey Consulting and an Overtime ban within Amey Inter Urban.


TSSA fed back to the company that out of the 2 options we would prefer the offer of Year 1 = 3% backdated to 1 March 2012 and Year 2 = 2.5% from 1 March 2013 with a permanent move of anniversary dates to 1 March each year thereafter. We also advised that as there were concerns from some members around being tied to a second year that it may make it easier for members to accept if they were to increase this second year. Whilst the company didn’t increase the offer for year 2 they did propose that if the ‘Amey pay pot’ for 2013 was more than 2.5% then members would receive the greater of either 2.5% or the Amey pay pot.

The company outlined that they would be seeking to harmonise and standardise allowances through negotiations at the All Rail Company council a timeframe would be set down for this. Both unions asked for an overview in terms of the current allowances that staff receive across Consulting and Inter urban.

The company were prepared to accept that around 200 staff within Amey Inter urban currently not covered by collective bargaining could be covered by this pay agreement and be permanently covered by collective bargaining if they were given the option of receiving a one off Opt out from Collective bargaining.

TSSA also requested a commitment to enter into early pay talks for 2014 pay and the company clarified that they would be seeking to start these in 1 year.

Next steps

We have since received the offer in writing and have queried some elements which differ from what was discussed; we have a further meeting scheduled for 2 October and will feedback to members after this meeting has taken place.

Please continue to speak to your reps and provide feedback or click here to email us

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