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Amey Consulting Rail: Your Union needs you

5 September 2013

Over the coming months there will be a number of issues that TSSA need to deal with like the potential TUPE transfers in CEFA, and Pay talks across the rail business to name but a few. For us to be effective we need input directly from the grassroots and so we need you to come forward to represent the areas where we still have representative (reps) vacancies.


Filling the gaps

Your workplace reps do sterling work on your behalf representing members both individually and collectively. Yet the fact that we have gaps in the reps structures makes it very difficult for us to get a good understanding of what issues there are across the company, to gather the detailed information needed on some issues and ensure that the workload is evenly split between the existing reps to ensure that it is dealt with effectively.

If we could fill all of the positions then we would be in far stronger position to ensure that you and your colleague’s opinions are represented and put forward to the company. You would also have more security in the knowledge that if you had individual issues there would be a trained person locally to answer and deal with those issues and understand how to resolve them or have easier access to the support that they would need to do this.

For some time we have had no representation from anyone based in the North West Hub which covers the Manchester area and given the large numbers of staff and worksites over the York area there is a clear need for Dave Merrett to receive some assistance by you coming forward to become a representative and fill one of the 3 vacancies there. There are also vacancies in the Birmingham Hub which covers the Midlands area and in Scotland. If all of those 7 vacancies were filled we could do so much more on your behalf.

What can You do?

You can contact your local representative or find out how you can stand to fill one of the vacancies shown in the details below, these positions are open to any TSSA members across Amey Consulting Rail and people from all backgrounds, disciplines, gender or race are welcome to step forward and will receive training and support to carry out the role.

Alternatively if you are interested in becoming a Health and safety rep as the name suggests being trained to ensure the company improves\ your colleague’s safety in the workplace or a Learning rep that would assist with identifying and sourcing courses that your colleagues are interested in pursuing then please let us know.

In the meantime please review the details below, if you think that you may be in an area where there is a vacant position then you need to assist us to find someone to fill that gap and help us become stronger if interested please contact





William Murray


1 Vacancy



2 Vacancies



Dave Merrett


3 Vacancies



Patricia Massop


1 Vacancy


S.W. & Wales/ Swindon

Tarnia Wilson


Enzo Carrubba


Gary Illing (H&S)


Andy Beech (H&S)


Colin Savage


James McKinney


Shamus Callaghan

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