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Amey: Pay Update

12 July 2012

Company first and final pay offer = 1.75% , TSSA reps reject offer, read on for more information. Please also complete the online survey before 27 July 2012 which you can do by visiting the following website:


Reasons for Rejecting the offer

Your reps rejected the offer for the following reasons:

  • From the Pay Survey TSSA members want at least 3.5%
  • Inflation at 3.7% so the offer is almost a 2% cut in pay (based on February Retail Price Index linked to April Anniversary date figures)
  • Other companies deals such as COLAS who have agreed a 2 year pay increase seeing a rise of 2.8% in 2012 and 2.5% in 2013 and maintenance staff in Networkrail who have had a 5.7% increase this year
  • Members of the Railway Pensions scheme will be seeing increases in their pensions contributions in July and will need a more robust increase to counter the negative effects of this increase.

Overall it is clear that the offer in no way reflects the aspirations of our members for the hard work that they carry out on Amey’s behalf.

Overview of Pay Talks

After 4 months seeking to get the company to negotiate on your pay we met on 10 July 2012. TSSA made clear we expected the company to table a robust offer given the delays in starting talks this year and reminded the company on some of the key elements of your claim formed from the members pay survey conducted in February:

  • A substantial pay increase
  • Widening collective bargaining for those that don’t currently have this and for those that are brought back into the bargaining group to be included in the 2012 pay increase.
  • Reviewing allowances such as On Call so that there is a fair system in place for all
  • We also raised issues from the pay agreement in 2008 that meant that in all pay increases going forward allowances like on call should have been increased automatically in line with any annual award and we had concerns that this hadn’t happened in 2010 and 2011.

We reminded the company that they received the pay claim in March and have had sufficient time to review it therefore there wasn’t a need to go over it in full. The Company offered a pay increase for 2012 of 1.75%, they advised that they were prepared to look at the collective bargaining areas separately as a result of previous agreements but restated that they believed that whilst traditionally some roles would have been bargained for on a joint basis by both TSSA & RMT, going forward they want this to happen for either one union or the other.

Both TSSA and RMT instantly responded that they had no choice but to reject this offer as it was derisory especially given the time that has taken to come to any offer being tabled and due to the companies approach on sole bargaining within Inter Urban.

The company did take away and consider this response but upon their return they were not willing to change their headline offer but only willing to consider having an underpin for those lower paid staff. They suggested that they were willing to make payment of the 1.75% immediately but both unions advised that they would see this as imposing the offer with a view to undermining the process of collective bargaining. At this time No further meetings have been offered by the company.

Your feedback is needed

We need to know that our members are behind the rejection of this offer so over the next 2 weeks we will be looking for you to feedback to your representatives. The company have made it clear that they are unwilling to amend their offer and it may be that as a union we need to ballot members on Industrial action.

Whilst we have been steered by the surveys that you have already completed it is important that you not only give us your opinion on the offer but that you give us a steer on what forms of action you feel could encourage the employer to come back around the table and offer a meaningful increase that recognises your efforts.

Therefore we are asking members to feed into us using our online survey in the first instance and if there are any additional points, queries or questions that you have either approach your local rep or click here to email them The Online survey can completed by clicking here.

In the meantime you will soon be receiving a letter asking for you to update your details please ensure that you amend any information that is incorrect and report any changes to your details especially any changes of address.

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