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Amey: Industrial Action Suspended

1 July 2011

All Industrial Action is SUSPENDED; Amey narrowly avoids Strike action.

 Latest news

Talks have been continuing with the company with a view to agreeing a way forward.

Whilst at some stages it seemed as though deadlock couldn’t be avoided talks progressed last night with involvement from TSSA’s Assistant General Secretary, Manuel Cortes and Amey PLC’s HR Director - Employee Relations, Ron Inwood. As a result TSSA has this morning received reasonable assurances in writing that movement can be made in further talks around collective bargaining.

Amey have now agreed to the ‘principal’ of widening out collective bargaining as such TSSA are prepared to suspend industrial action as this provides a solid basis for fairness in the future.


We have agreed the following statement with Amey

 Amey and TSSA have had a number of discussions recently concerning the issue of membership of the collective bargaining unit within the rail business.

 In order to fully understand the basis on which TSSA, on behalf of its members, is seeking further Collective bargaining rights, Amey and TSSA have jointly agreed to ask ACAS to assist with further discussions.

 However Amey is prepared to accept the principal of widening out collective bargaining where TSSA can demonstrate the legality for this.

 As this is a complex area both parties welcome the opportunity of working with ACAS and hope to reach an agreement quickly that will be acceptable to both parties.

 In order to allow these discussions to take place within the spirit of the good relationship that currently exists between Amey and TSSA it has been agreed that the industrial action proposed for Friday 1 July will be suspended pending these discussions to allow the parties to concentrate of resolving the issues in a co-operative and collaborative manner. Amey will therefore grant a further 2-week extension to the window for TSSA to take industrial action.


 Long-term respect

 TSSA believe that this offer represents a significant milestone for members working within Amey.

Whilst further face-to-face talks are due to continue next week your fortitude in standing your ground and being prepared to earn respect from your employer is why we have managed to move forward and find resolution in the short-term.

TSSA is looking into the long-term too and is hopeful that meaningful talks can ensure that the company continues to respect you and YOUR union.

I would personally like to thank all of those members (new and time served) who have sent messages of support to their representatives, who have contacted us and offered to form picket lines in various places up and down the country and have shown significant courage over this dispute.

We also need to thank the representatives who work tirelessly in sometimes extremely difficult circumstances to ensure that your rights are upheld, receiving no extra reward other than the satisfaction of helping their fellow trade union members.


However, it’s not over yet!

Talks with the company and ACAS will be progressing shortly and both parties will be really examining our claim to widen out collective bargaining. As always the stronger we are the more likely to succeed. Membership has already grown in TSSA within Amey as a result of us standing up for your rights, the more this happens the more likely we are to achieve success.

Therefore it is imperative that YOU help yourselves and us in the coming days, weeks and months by:

  • Speaking to your colleagues who are non-union members and tell them what we have been doing to fight for their rights and to get a better working life for them and encourage them to join. (You can obtain a form on our website).
  • Provide us with up to date contact details such as home address, mobile numbers and email addresses so that we can communicate what is happening to you as and when it happens.
  • Be prepared to do more by putting yourself forward to represent your colleagues in the workplace, this can be a challenging yet rewarding role with a variety of positions such as local staff rep, Health & safety rep, or where there are vacancies Company council rep
  • Simply agreeing to regularly communicate with your TSSA representative as a workplace contact so that we know what is happening on the ground in the coal face

There will be more updates in the near future as talks proceed so we will keep you posted. If you want to know more about the roles you can play in your union, drop me an email.



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