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Amey: Industrial Action Update

13 September 2012

Questions and Answers on the upcoming strike action within Amey Consulting and overtime ban within Amey Inter urban on 12noon Friday 14 September till 12noon Monday 17 September 2012.



The company have now provided us with an outline of what THEY consider to be a fair multiyear pay deal and whilst we have been in talks to progress this offer and improve it there has been no movement on the headline figure of 1.75% for 2012.

As the offer doesn’t rectify the 2012 pay offer that you have been surveyed and balloted on it doesn’t meet your aspirations from the various surveys that we have conducted and your representative’s feedback from you.

We have advised the company that whilst the action is still due to go ahead we are still prepared to enter into further talks.

Questions and Answers

Q. Why are we still continuing with Industrial action if the company have provided a multi-year deal?

A. From the beginning Amey has chosen to ignore you through cancelling pay meetings and delaying the start of talks by 4 months. Only with your email actions to oneHR did they come around the table and they have since chosen to treat you with contempt by ignoring representatives made from the surveys that you completed. Consistently we have told them that 1.75% does not show that they value you and by refusing to move on this figure they are continuing to show their contempt. This cannot go unchecked.

Q. I’m worried about being victimised for taking action or being sacked, can this happen?

TSSA has conducted a lawful industrial action ballot and therefore those that were balloted and take part in industrial action have protection from being dismissed. You also have protection from being victimised or discriminated against for trade union membership or activities.

Q. Do I have to inform my manager or the company whether I intend to take part in any form of industrial action?

A. No Your union has complied with the legislation by notifying your employer of the Categories of workers and the workplaces that may be effected by industrial action this is where your obligations end there is no requirement for you to advise the employer of whether you intend to take action or not.

Q. I work in Amey consulting and I’m scheduled to work voluntary/contractual on call/overtime this weekend, can I still take part in strike action?

A. Yes, as there has been a lawful industrial action ballot held all work from 12noon Friday 14 September till 12noon Monday 17 September 2012 whether it is rostered shifts, normal working hours, Overtime or voluntary or contractual on call is covered by this period of Strike action (for those working in Amey consulting).

Q. I’m an Apprentice/Trainee, can I take part in industrial action?

A. Yes Our latest advice from the solicitors is that there is nothing in the legislation that prevents you from taking Industrial action, although depending on your contract you may have work the time back if it is linked to you working a specific number of hours or completing certain training to complete the apprentiship or Trainee ship.

Picket lines

In workplaces where strike action is taking place (Amey Consulting) it helps to show the strength of feeling if there is a well manned picket line outside workplaces we have arrangements in place to picket the following workplaces:

· Crawley

· Chelmsford

· Swindon

· York Gateway 2

· Scotland – Homeworkers meeting on Friday

If you would like to support one of the picket lines above or think that you can help organise one at your workplace which isn’t listed above then please click here to email  Alan Valentine

Whilst we must prepare to go ahead with the action please keep you mobiles on and check your emails in the run up to this Friday to ensure that the industrial action is still taking place, we are ever hopeful that your employer will start to realise that they should value and work with you rather than continually disregarding and ignoring you.

If you have any questions or want to know how you can help then please speak to your rep or click here to email (You can also send progress reports, photos and updates of how the action is going in your area to this address).

Remember if your colleagues wish to take part in the industrial action then they can still join at

Together we WIN divided we Beg

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