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Amey: Pay Talks 2015 – You’ve Decided!

10 June 2015

TSSA members deliver strong rejection of the companies pay offer!


Recap of the Offer

As we previously advised you Amey were not prepared to consider a single year deal and tabled a 3 year deal as follows:

Year 1: 2%, with an underpin of £500

Year 2: January 2016’s RPI plus 1% to a maximum of 3%, underpin £500

Year 3: January 2017’s RPI plus 1% to a maximum of 3%, underpin £500

This offer means that in the first year whilst this will be above inflation (January 2015’s retail price index or RPI figure was 1.1%) years 2 and 3 could be below inflation because of the maximum figure of 3% however members would be guaranteed the greater of 1% or £500 in those years.

The percentage increases would also be applied to London Allowance, Lodging Allowance, Test Section Mobility Clause, On Call, SCMI as per the 2008 deal.

Amey have offered some additional items for some small numbers of staff in different groups which we would ask that you read over in the attached offer.

You’ve decided

Thank you to members taking part in our online referendum which has allowed us to gauge your opinion on the offer being made by Amey.

The outcome of the referendum was as follows (the percentages have been rounded down to the nearest full percentage point):

· 84% rejected the pay offer

· 83% prepared to be balloted for action short of strike

· 63% prepared to be balloted for action inclusive of strike

You have given us a strong mandate to take back to the company with a view to re-entering further talks to improve the offer. If we are unable to secure further improvements then we will be in contact with you around our next steps so please let your representatives know your opinions on what would need to change for you to be happy with the deal and what you are prepared to do to achieve improvements.

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