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Amey: Pay Update Time to take Action!

1 June 2012

Update on pay talks and call for your help, email OneHR today.


Potential movement

Since my last circular 123/12 TSSA and RMT have met to discuss a way forward with pay talks. RMT had been offered a date for pay talks for the 8 June and so both unions wrote to the company requesting a joint Rail council meeting to negotiate on pay as TSSA had not been invited to this meeting. We have since been advised by the company that this meeting cannot take place due to it being on the bank holiday week and the company representative’s availability.

We understand that the current situation must be frustrating to members but unfortunately it is not unusual for talks to drag out for some time after the relevant anniversary date; however this situation is unprecedented in that the company have been refusing to meet jointly with both unions as they have done historically and there hasn’t even been a meeting to enable us to outline our pay claim.

Industrial relations

TSSA has been doing much to try and improve industrial relations after the pay and collective bargaining dispute of 2011. All the hard work that your representatives have put in to seek to improve relations since this time seem to be conveniently ignored by the company’s current stance on pay talks and we can only see this as an attempt to undermine not only our representatives efforts but all of you who supported our campaign in 2011.

In the past the efforts you, our members have put in to seek resolution regarding the proposals to freeze pensionable pay for those staff in the Railway Pension Scheme in 2010 and our campaign to improve pay and extend collective bargaining in 2011 have shown that by working together we can deliver results with your help.

You can help us change the companies stance

You can make a difference by encouraging your colleagues within collective bargaining to write the following to :

As an Amey Rail employee covered by collective bargaining, I’m asking that the company arranges a joint meeting with representatives from both the TSSA and RMT at the earliest convenient time to negotiate on this year’s pay award. The company have had both pay claims since March of this year and the initial Pay meeting on 29 March was cancelled by the company. To keep advising our representatives that the company is unable to meet because of availability is simply not an acceptable stand point so a meeting must be arranged as soon as possible with both unions to progress talks.

The reason we are asking you to take this action is that we are seeking to avoid an industrial dispute with the company, if they carry on with their current stance then we will be forced to consider this as a real option so please play your part in making the company see sense before they force us into an unneeded dispute. They are playing with your livelihoods by delaying these talks and that simply isn’t acceptable.

In this way you can play a part in moving these talks forward, together we are strong divided we beg!

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