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Amey: We Say Victory, What do you think?

14 September 2012

Similar to 2011, last minute talks have averted TSSA industrial action with the company, thanks to those of you who voted and were prepared to take action quickly, as You have made the difference. Further talks planned.



Up until Yesterday the company were not prepared to amend the headline figure of 1.75% for 2012, whilst there were talks about moving anniversary dates and including an underpin and a second year of 2.5%, your representatives were not swayed by the offers made.

This morning the company tabled a very different offer:

Year 1 = 2.8% backdated to 1 March 2012 rather than April

Year 2 = 2.5% from 1 March 2013 changing the anniversary date permanently

This offer is open not only to those currently covered by Collective bargaining but to those that were subject to the disputes resolution in the last pay round.

Other items:

To fix the collective bargaining issues that still exist from the previous dispute resolution agreement.

The current sticking point to this is that both TSSA and RMT believe some of those within Amey Inter urban who are not covered by collective bargaining should be covered on a joint basis due to the history of collective bargaining within the railway industry. The Company currently disagrees.

All Allowances to be reviewed (including traveling time) by the Rail Council.

We would have preferred to get to this stage in negotiations far earlier in talks and unfortunately Amey’s course of action has still impacted in them moving some of their work. Hopefully they will learn that is far better to work with you than against you in future. The question for you – what do you think?

Suspension of action

We have suspended our industrial action on the basis of 3 caveats:

· We continue meaningful talks on all items of the offer

· It is a suspension not a cancelation of action

· The current window of opportunity for industrial action is extended by agreement by the full 4 weeks from 2 October 2012 till 30 October 2012

Next steps

We have not made an idle boast that we intend to give you a voice. Your union the TSSA intend to live by that ethos.

To assist us with further talks we want your views on the current offer. We have reached this point by listening to YOU and we intend to keep listening to what you, our members want and not what we think you want.

Email us at:

Tell us if you think this is a victory or if you wish to take further action and why, also tell us if the other items are important to you such as the collective bargaining and what allowances most effect you, in what way and what you want to see.

Talk to non-members and ask why they are not members of a union that listens to, acts on and achieves what its members tell them. Consider taking a more active role and make that difference with us and please take the time to thank your representatives for their hard work and efforts, we need more people like them to come forward and ensure your voice is heard please contact us.

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