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Amey: CEFA contract proposed changes update

13 August 2014

Thank you for your responses to our recent survey; we had over 110 responses which is well over half of the population of staff impacted by Amey’s proposed changes. If you didn’t see our last circular then visit We are aware that staff will now have been written to by the company and there is advice contained below so please read on…


Survey responses

As we advised over 110 people responded to our survey in relation to the additional duties proposed ion the CEFA contract (namely HCE, Level o and RVI)

We asked do you accept or reject the proposals and 88% said Reject

We then asked if you are prepared to be ballot for industrial action and 85% said they were prepared to be balloted.

In relation to the work the vast majority of people either agreed that there should be a dedicated team carrying out the work or made comments that suggested that they may be prepared to do the work on a voluntary basis if the terms of the offer were much improved. We think that a mixture of dedicated resource and volunteers is likely to be something that the vast majority could accept as long as the terms were agreeable.

We have sent a letter to the company today which you can access by clicking here

This letter covers several other items which were discussed at the last meeting with the company. And there are two counter proposals which you can also access online, namely:

On Call – click here

Masternuaght - click here

Company communications

We understand that the company have written out to staff asking for their responses to several of these issues we think that the company may be seeking to suggest that we are not being representative of your views which is why we felt the need to share with you our communications to Amey. At the end of the day TSSA is a membership based organisation which is paid for by member’s subscriptions therefore who is more likely to have your best interests at heart? Therefore we would advise members to do the following:

· Carefully consider your responses in the context of the greater good of your colleagues and ensure you seek to capture as much information as possible

· Carbon copy in your TSSA rep to the email so that they are aware of what information the company is receiving

· If you do not agree to carrying out additional duties that have not first been properly negotiated with your trade union then please consider sending something along the lines of:

I have been invited to attend the Technical Briefing containing HCE training on xx August. I understand that my Union is still in talks regarding these additional duties and as such I do not see this as forming part of my terms and conditions. I am therefore attending this HCE training under duress and do not agree to the additional duties forming part of my terms and conditions or contract of employment, for the avoidance of doubt these additional duties are HCE, Level 0, RVI and Depth measurements.”

(You may need to adjust the text depending on your individual circumstances as we understand some staff are being expected to carry out these duties without training)

We need your assistance

Please use the contact emails that the company have provided to give your feedback but ensure that your representatives are copied in.

If you don’t know who your rep is please contact our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or email by clicking here

We also need to have people stand forward to fill the representative’s vacancies especially in LNE/York Hub.

To ensure that we can win on issues like these additional duties we need to talk from a position of power and ensure that we continue to grow our collective strength. This can only be achieved if you persuade your colleagues to join TSSA and build on our strength. Please get them to join us at

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